891 Nigerians Face Interview Panel For Award Of PTDF (PhD) Scholarship

Exactly Eight Hundred and Ninety One (891) Shortlisted candidates aspiring for the award of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) 2016/2017 Local (LSS) and Oversea Scholarship Schemes (OSS) out of a total of One thousand, Five Hundred and One (1501) candidates applied for the awards are currently being interviewed by experts from the academia and the oil and gas industry to defend their various research proposals, for the award of PTDF scholarships in the PhD category.

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) is a parastatal of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources established by Decree 25 of 1973 for the purpose of developing and promoting petroleum technology and for creating the manpower needs of the oil and gas industry through research and training of Nigerians.

2016 Interview for PTDF Scholarship Scheme

Acting Executive Secretary, PTDF, Aminu Ahmed Galadima who addressed the experts who formed the 2016/2017 PhD Central selection Committee (CSC) at the PTDF head office revealed that, One Thousand, Three Hundred and Five (1305) candidates applied for the Oversea Scholarship Scheme(OSS) (PhD), while a total of One Hundred and Ninety Six (196) applied for the in-country Local Scholarship Scheme(LSS) in areas of Engineering and Renewable Energy, Computing and Geosciences, Environmental and Management as well as other related disciplines that are relevant to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria making  total of One thousand, Five Hundred and One (1501) candidates applied for the awards.

He pointed out that, the screening committee is expected to interview the Eight Hundred and Ninety One (891) Shortlisted candidates aspiring for the PTDF (PhD) scholarship award and assess the candidates based on the scoring template provided by the Fund which include the quality of their research proposals, its relevance in the oil and gas industry among other criteria set for the exercise.


Breakdown Of The 891 Candiadates Shortlisted For PTDF Scholarship Award

Here is a breakdown of the 891 candiates shortlisted for the interview panel for PTDF (PhD) scholarship

For the OSS,out of  1305 that applied, 411 were shortlisted for Engineering and Renewable Energy Courses, 298 for Environmental Management, 45 for Computing and Geosciences, 4 in related fields.

For the LSS, out of 196 applications 68 were shortlisted for courses in Engineering and Renewable Energy, 21 for Environmental Management, 41 for Computing and Geosciences and 3 in other oil and gas related courses.

From 2001 to date, PTDF funded the training of 2,839(MSc) and 839 (PhD) scholars in various fields related to the oil and gas industry under the Fund’s Oversea Scholarship Scheme while 862 Nigerians benefited for the Local scholarship award for undergraduate, MSc and PhD scholars within the same period.

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