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Ajayi Crowther Reveals Clothes Not Allowed For Students Anymore: See them

Ajayi Crowther University dress committee has revealed the clothes that are not longer allowed in the university premises, and as a result its students are to adhere strictly to it. Failure to do so exiles the students from virtually every sector in the school premises such as: Library, Lecture rooms, Bursary, Registry, Student Affairs, University Health Centre, Examination Halls, Community Services, Sunday Services and any Chaplaincy Programmes.

Ajayi Crowthers’ List of Unacceptable things

Here are the list of things that are no longer acceptable in the university and would therefore attract severe punishments such as suspension and even expulsion.

Ajayi Crowther University

1. Tight, short, skirts and gowns above the knees (except for sporting purposes)

2. Transparent and see-through dresses;Semi-naked Appearance: Wearing of ordinary underwear like singlet, sleeveless/spaghetti dresses that expose major parts of the body, etc.

3. Skirt which due to slitting, reveals sensitive parts of the wearer’s body, and stretch, banded and bandaged elastic material for skirt/gowns (lycra materials).

4. Short and skimpy dresses, e.g. body hugs, show-me-your chest, spaghetti wears and dresses exposing sensitive parts of the body, backless, camisole only

5. Wearing of T-Shirts with obscene inscriptions and face caps. Shirts that reveal the wearer’s chest unduly

6. Sagging/Earth level/ yansy (use belt)

7. Dread, Galax, Fadeout and Rough Coil Hair Cut, Bushy hair, unkempt appearance; and No tattoo with provocative writtings or paintings

8. Wearing of earrings by male students. Wearing of multiple and bogus earrings  by female students

9. Leggies/Geggies/Pencil trousers, Jeans/Tattered Jeans and any materials that look like jeans, Tight trousers, and all other forms of tight fitting clothing.

10. Hair plaiting or weaving by male students; No bangles, beads, rings, etc. for male students; and Beards is not allowed, must be clean shaved. Non-natural coloured hair is not allowed for females

11. Wearing of bathroom slippers around the university premises.

12. Students I.D. Card must be worn around the neck always.


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  1. That is a Nice one.These young men & women are leaders of tomorrow, I wonder how they will make good leaders if they are not cultured. A stitch in time saves nine..

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