Akpos Jokes : Akpos and Papa Under Tent

Which kind Akpos be this sef? small time, him go say all these akpos jokes are lies. Let’s end the day with one of the lovely akpos jokes we have with us. Akpos just go to school but him no dey act like him go school. Akpos dey fall our hands.

Akpos Jokes

This is from an archive of Akpos Jokes :

An illiterate Father with his Educated son, Akpos went on a camping trip. They set up their tent & fell asleep. Some hours later, Father wakes his Son, Akpos up & asks ” Look up to the sky & tell me what you see?”

Akpos: “I see millions of stars.”

Papa Akpos: “What does that tell you?

Akpos: “Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of Galaxies & Planets.”

Papa Akpos slaps Akpos hard & says, “You idiot! Pesin don thief our Tent. ROTFL!!!

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