Bowen University 2nd Open Letter To Parents

The Management of the Bowen University have written another open letter to Parents/Guardians of the returning students and newly admitted students. The First open letter was as a result of their plan to increase the 2016/2017 academic session school fees.


Bowen University 2nd Open Letter

Bowen University second open letter to parents read thus;

          Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Dear Parents/Guardians

Contemporary Economic Challenges and Bowen University’s Commitment to Excellence

I am delighted to write to you again and to let you know that Bowen University is not reneging on its very bold steps to achieve its laudable objectives. Key among the objectives is the determination to continue to excel in the singular and remarkable drive to make its academic programmes stand out as the foremost in Nigeria, in terms of quality manpower, studentship and equipment. Bowen University is unwavering in its very informed focus, sincerity and drive to make its academic programmes maintain the same high standard as those of highly reputable universities, even in the western world.

I would like to state that the proprietors of Bowen University have deliberately and consistently made fees at the University exceptionally affordable, in contrast to the very high fees charged in other private universities in Nigeria. The fees paid by our students are about forty per cent less than those of other private universities. Even now,with the great and pressing need to continue to build on the enviable quality of its programmes, Bowen University is putting in place a very well – considered increase in the fees paid by its students. The increase is informed by our determination not to lose our pride of place as a foremost private university as we keep up with developments, particularly in the fast advancing world.

Overall, the Governing Council of Bowen University, at its meeting of 4th August, 2016, considered all the prevailing economic circumstances affecting all the stakeholders of the University – parents, guardians, students, staff and the proprietor; and decided on a minimal general increment of about 11% on the existing fee structures for the returning students for the 2016/2017 session.

In these regards, it is imperative for parents to continue to work hand in hand with the University to achieve the best for the students. It is very pertinent to add that the University continues to sustain its policy of permitting fees to be paid in installments, to ease the burden on parents. In the light of the content of this letter,I am requesting parents and guardians to support Bowen University in its determination to maintain a very peaceful teaching and learning environment for its staff and students. Specifically, I would like parents and guardians to counsel their wards to avoid any form of negative information on the social and other media.

Finally, Bowen University would like to inform parents that, in its drive for excellence, the University is committed to making a positive impact in the society by striving to implement with precision and excellence, every task that it takes on.
As is our practice, Bowen University is committed to ensuring that students enjoy high quality education in an environment where they are empowered to develop innovative entrepreneurial skills and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge that will promote the well – being of our society.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Professor Matthews
A. Ojo

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