Costs Of Academic Documents in Ajayi Crowther University

The costs of academic documents in Ajayi Crowther University has been released by the Management. Graduates from the Ajayi Crowther University have been informed by the school authorities about the amount fixed on their academic document.

Ajayi Crowther University

Payment Rate For Academic Document

Students willing to collect any of the following academic document are hereby informed that the Management has approved the rates for payments for Academic Document as follows

1. Request for Transcript (Outside Nigeria)              ₦15,000

2. Request for Transcript (Within Nigeria)               ₦10,000

3. Verification of Certificate (Outside Nigeria)         ₦10,000

4. Verification of Certificate (Within Nigeria)          ₦5,000

5. Confidential report on Student                              ₦5,000

6. Letter of Recommendation                                    ₦5,000

Management also approved that these payments should be made on-line.

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