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DELSU Suspends Students Who Snubbed Disciplinary Committee

Delta state University (DELSU) suspends students who snubbed disciplinary Committee on account of examination malpractice.

DELSU a school known for zero tolerance in terms of discipline,arraigned for certain students to appear before the disciplinary committee on account of examination malpractice on Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday the 13th of April 2016,and the students failed to show up, thereby prompting further actions to be taken.

DELSU Suspends Students For Snubbing Mobile Disciplinary Committee

The following students are hereby suspended for not reporting to the mobile disciplinary committee on account of examination malpractice promting suspension till the determination of their case

DELSU Last Mop-Up Admission List


Name:          Nwaokoye Obiageli Maryann

Mat. No.:      FSS/CE/11/12/200910

Dept.:          Economics

Level:           500

Course:        ECN 405


8. Name:           Ijomah Nnamdi Michael

Mat. No.:       FOE/14/15/225979

Dept.:            Nursery & Pry Education.

Level:            200

Course:         NPE 201


Name:          Edefughe Evans

Mat. No.:      FSS/DIP NEW /14/15/227864

Dept.:          Public Administration

Level:           200

Course:        DPA 013

9. Name:           Ejegi Endurance

Mat. No.:       FSS/CE/11/12/197447

Dept.:            Mass Communication

Level:            500

Course:         MCN 205

3. Name:          Atsorunfen, Ayo Destiny

Mat. No.:      FOS/11/12/194940

Dept.:          Physics

Level:           400

Course:        PHY 404


Name:           Animan Jubilee Nnamaka

Mat. No.:       CFB/09/10/165239

Dept.:            Physiology

Level:            400

Course:         MBC 407


4. Name:          Osagie Solomon Ehizogie

Mat. No.       FOE/13/14/218433

Dept.:          Guidance and Counselling

Level:           200

Course:        EDU 201


Name:           Diamond Odiri

Mat. No.:       FOA/10/11/180462

Dept.:            Nursery and Primary edu

Level:            200

Course:         EDU 200



Name:          Nwaenie Emeka

Mat. No.:      FOE/CE/11/12/200900

Dept.:           Counselling Psychology

Level:           500

Course:        EDU 403


12. Name:           Irede Faith Edesiri

Mat. No.:       FOA/13/14/219556

Dept.:            Philosophy .

Level:            300

Course:         PHL 302


Name:          Apiamu Ejovwo

Mat. No.:      FOE/14/15/226166

Dept.:          Maths Edu

Level:           200

Course:        BDU 202


Name:           Nzeteh Chioma Precious

Mat. No.:       FSS/13/14/218416

Dept.:            Sociology

Level:            300

Course:         SOC 303


Name:          Onakpoma Oghenetega

Mat. No.:      FOS/12/13/212931

Dept.:          Maths. & Computer Science

Level:           400

Course:        MTH 405


Name:           Omoregie Martha Evbu

Mat. No.:       PG/WK/14/15/229914

Dept:             Economics (MEPE)

Level:            800

Course:         ECN 814


Name:         Ossai Augustina Anwuli

Mat. No.:    FOE/12/13/211177

Dept:           Social Science Education

(Economics Unit)

Level:          400 level


Name:        Blankson Shella Ashi

Mat. No.:    FOE/12/13/211256

Dept:           Social Science Education

(Economics Unit)

level:        400 Level

The aforementioned students are hereby suspended from every school activities until further notice, failure to adhere to this could prompt immediate expolsion

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