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Digital Dating: How Technology Will Continue to Influence How Students Date

You hear it everywhere, including at work and in schools: technology has changed our world. Indeed, several decades ago we couldn’t even think about smartphones, Skype, virtual reality, and other things that have become integral reality nowadays.

When people, especially university students began to enjoy the service of instant messages, who would have thought that later this would become the basic way of communication, even displace the face to face communication. When the first online dating sites appeared in the virtual environment, no one could have predicted how this industry would grow.

To be in a loving relationship is one of the basic needs of all people, along with eating and sleeping. Students of universities especially know this. No wonder people look for their better halves using all possible means. Where there is demand, there is supply. It explains why new dating sites and dating apps with ever new features keep emerging.

People have got used to doing almost everything online. So what we should expect is new advancements in the realm of digital dating facilitated by technology. Here are the most vivid predictions by

Virtual Reality

VR is one of those tech trends that is penetrating practically into every sphere of our life, from entertainment to medicine and education. In the near future, swiping left and swiping right will become primitive against the background of VR dates.

They will become the intermediate stage between chatting on a dating site or app and meeting your virtual date in real life or on school campus. Finally, online dating will totally correspond to its name, as you’ll be able to put on your VR headsets and find yourselves in some romantic place anywhere in the world on a romantic date.

The technology might go even further. Special sensors attached to your bodies will allow you to feel your date’s touch and even smell their perfume. According to some predictions, in 20 years, up to 70% of people living in the developed countries will meet their romantic partners online.

Virtual dating will gain its popularity for several reasons. First, it’s exciting. Second, it’s a safe way to test the waters and to get to know your online date before finally meeting with him or her on a real date.

Compatibility algorithms

Major online dating sites have very developed matchmaking algorithms which allow their users search for the most compatible potential dates. However, users often overlook those questionnaires or don’t fill them out properly. That is why it’s predicted that dating sites and apps may use other sources to analyze your personality and find the best matches for you. Those may be your posts in social media accounts.

Your heart rate and other data recorded by wearable sensors will be processed by AI and compared with the data received from the happy couples. Based on your results, you’ll be offered a compatible potential partner.

Also, some experts predict that people will wear special contact lenses that decipher your companion’s body language and translate it into your ears through earbuds. The body implants will measure and assess your natural reactions to some person you’re talking to. It means it will be possible to measure the level of chemistry between people.

Within two decades, dating sites will widely use your biometric data, such as hormones, to find you matches that will be compatible with you on a chemical level.

AI agony aunts

According to another prediction, people will have robots-advisors or rather additional partners. You will communicate to them your worries about your relationship with a real partner.

Your personal robot will listen to and analyze your concerns and say what’s wrong with your relationship. All these attempts to apply technology to such purely human spheres of life as romantic relationships are aimed at understanding how love works.

However, when it comes to feelings and romance, people should still rely on their inner gauges rather than digital devices

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