Free Online PDF Converter To Convert Word, Excel, PPT Documents & Pictures To PDF

How To Convert JPG, PNG, Pictures / Photos and Microsoft Word, Excel Documents, Web Pages, To PDF Format Online, Free of charge.

If you have been looking for a way to convert your picture (JPG, PNG, etc) to PDF format or even other documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, web pages in .doc/.docx, xls and html formats respectively to PDF, you have to read this.

I came about this solution when a friend filling the NNPC online recruitment form contacted me that they were required to upload scanned copies of their credentials in PDF format and he doesn’t have a converter on his PC. I knew there must be a solution online and after few minutes of searching, I came about this. You also might need to submit a research work to a Journal and they ask you to send it in PDF format, this should not be an issue.

How to Convert picture in JPG, PNG, etc. to PDF online, How to Convert .doc, .docx, .xls document and HTML web pages to PDF on the internet.

The tool I’m going to share with you is located at and it helps you convert your document to PDF, any document at all. With this tool, you cane even take the screenshot of a website by providing the URL, thereby converting HTML to PDF.

To get started, simply go to Online PDF Convert and a page with tools like in the screenshot below should appear.

Use the “browse” option to upload the document or picture you want to convert to PDF if it is located on your PC. If you are uploading from a web page, simply put the URL in the second text box and click convert.

Now your file will be uploaded and a new page will load where you should start seeing the progress of uploading and conversion of your document in percentage like in the screenshot below.

Your will automatically be prompted to download immediately it completes converting your document and you can just click SAVE to download your converted document now in PDF format. You can convert as many documents as you need.

I wrote this article previously on CYNAMIX but also decided to share it here because I think it’s also going to be very useful.

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