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FUNAAB Medical Examination Schedule For 2014/2015 Freshers

FUNAAB Medical Laboratory Examination schedule for 2014/2015 new students has been released. All fresh students are hereby informed to take note of the dates ascribed to their departments and follow it accordingly.


The Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta Health Centre has released the schedule for routine medical laboratory examination for newly admitted undergraduates for 2014/2015. The medical screening exercise is part of the admission criteria in order to ensure that students with contagious diseases are not admitted into the school as way of protecting the school community members amongst other reasons.

Please note that Lectures commences on Monday, December 22, 2014. See Full academic calendar here.

FUNAAB Medical Exam Schedule 2014/2015

1 8th December, 2014 VET and NUD
2. 9th December, 2014 MTE and FST
3. 10th December, 2014 MEC and HTM
4. 11 th December, 2014 AGE and HSM
5. 12th December, 2014 CVE and AE & FM
6. 15th December, 2014 AE & FM
7. 16th December, 2014 AE & RD
8. 17th December, 2014 AGAD
9. 18th December, 2014 ANN
10. 19th December, 2014 AND
11. 22nd December, 2014 APH
12. 23rd December, 2014 PRM
13. 5th January, 2015 AQ and FM
14. 6th January, 2015 EMT
15. 7th January, 2015 F &WM
16. 8th January, 2015 WRM & A
17. 9th January, 2015 CPT
18. 12th January, 2015 HORT
19. 13th January, 2015 PBST
20. 14th January, 2015 PPCP
21. 15th January, 2015 SS & LM
22. 16th January, 2015 BCH
23. 17th January, 2015 BIO
24. 18th January, 2015 CHEM
25. 19th January, 2015 CSC
26. 20th January, 2015 MCB
27. 21 st January, 2015 MTS
28. 22nd January, 2015 PHS
29. 23rd January, 2015 STS
30. 26th January, 2015 ACCT
31. 27th January, 2015 ACCT
32. 28th January, 2015 BAM
33. 29th January, 2015 BAM
34. 30th January, 2015 BFN
35. 2nd February, 2015 ECO
36. 3rd February, 2015 Eco & EPS
37. 4th February, 2015 EPS
While MOP-UP days will be as follows
1. 5th and 6th February COLVET and COLFHEC
2. 9th February, COLENG
3. 10th – 11 th February COLAMRUD
4. 12th – 13th February COLANIM
5. 16th – 17th February COLERM
6. 18th – 19th February COLPLANT
7. 20th – 23rd February COLNAS
8. 24th -25th February COLMAS

All new students are to note that the medical examination is highly compulsory and should take note of the following:

1. Students are to come with the following to the Laboratory:

  • Two white transparent bottles containing their freshly produced URINE and STOOL Specimen separately. This must be properly labeled with their names.
  • Original copy of either their school fees receipt (See Funaab School Fees Schedule 2014/2015), Departmental receipts or composite form

2. They must be at the Laboratory of Directorate of Health Services, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta between 8a.m and 12 noon on the day schedule for their Department.

Please ensure to adhere strictly to the date.
We wish you a happy resumption!


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