GMAT and GRE Prep Apps & Tools – The Complete List

Selections on this GMAT and GRE prep apps and tools will help you score high in the standardized tests. If you are a student looking for resources that would help you prepare for, and ace your GRE and GMAT, some tools and apps exist for that purpose. This article will provide a complete list of these tools and apps to help you achieve your study goals.

You must have heard of these exams before and if you haven’t, we will explain what these exams are, who needs them, and why they are required. If you got to this page, it most likely means you know what the GMAT and GREs are for and just want to know useful tools and resources you can use to prepare for them.

The GRE and GMAT are both standardized exams and passing them me that you have what it takes to undertake the rigors and academic aptitude for postgraduate study.

GMAT and GRE Prep Tools & Apps

What is the GRE?

The GRE is a standardized test intended for use in graduate school applications. It is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The test score of GRE is not forever. It is valid for 5 years only after which you may take another test should you have gotten an admission offer by then. Even though you can take it several times in a lifetime, it is only permissible to take the test no more than 5 times within any continuous 365-day period. In addition, once you have taken it one time, you must wait 21 days before you can retake the exam even if you cancel your last GRE score. Take note that the exam is only administered 3 times a year.

The GRE General Test is an exam taken by individuals who want to advance their studies by enrolling in a postgraduate program. Specifically, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an admissions test used to screen graduate school applicants in disciplines of the arts and sciences.

The purpose of the GRE scores is for the admissions or fellowship panels to complement your undergraduate results, letters of recommendation, and any other qualifications you may want to present for your postgraduate study. Your GRE score provides schools with a common measure for comparison.

The exam measures how well you understand basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and college-level vocabulary.

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GRE Exam and Scoring Format

The GRE Test is a computer-based test that has three sections: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Each of the sections has two timed tasks or sections as indicated below:

  • Analytical writing takes 30 minutes per task making for 60 minutes
  • Verbal reasoning takes 30 minutes per section making for another 60 minutes
  • Quantitative reasoning takes 35 minutes per section, making for 70 minutes.

In total, the GRE takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete.   

In scoring, 3 scores are reported on the GRE General Test. They include a Verbal Reasoning score reported on a 130–170 score scale in 1-point increments. A Quantitative Reasoning score reported on a 130–170 score scale in 1-point increments, and an Analytical Writing score reported on a 0–6 score level, in half-point increments.

What is the GMAT exam?

The GMAT, administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), like most standardized exams does not keep your score in perpetuity; it is valid for five years only and if you are unable to secure an admission within 5 years after taking the test, you will have to sit for another. Unlike the GRE, students can take the test up to five times in 12 months, but you cannot take it more than 8 times in your lifetime. Test-takers can thereafter submit their scores to their choice MBA programs—up to 5 of them. The GMAT exam costs $250.

The GMAT exam is designed specifically for business schools as the exam evaluates the skills that are most relevant to your success in a graduate management program. It gives the evaluators and admissions team a set standard to predict how you will perform academically in their graduate management programs.

In case you are asking yourself what the GMAT exam is used for, the GMAT exam is used to measure higher-order reasoning skills.

To take the GMAT exam, you’ll need basic English language and mathematics aptitude but what the exam measures are your ability to reason with these skills. A good combination of GMAT and GRE prep apps can help you get high scores.

GMAT Exam and Scoring Format

The GMAT has four sections. They are analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning sections. The test measures critical thinking, analytical skills, communication, and reasoning skills. The duration of the GMAT exam is as broken down below:

  • The analytical writing takes 30 minutes
  • The integrated reasoning allows 30 minutes as well
  • For the quantitative reasoning, you have 62 minutes
  • And the verbal reasoning is for 65 minutes.

In total, it takes around 3.5 hours to complete the GMAT, and you are allowed to take two breaks. It is very important to note that an AI feature of the computer-based test adapts questions to become easier or more difficult based on your answers. You are allowed to choose from three different orders in which to complete the four sections.

On how the GMAT test-taker is scored, students receive one score for each section, including a total score as below:

  • For quantitative reasoning, you get a total score between 6 – 51
  • For verbal reasoning, you are also awarded a score between 6 – 51
  • For analytical writing assessment, which includes half points, you are awarded between 0-6
  • For the integrated reasoning section, you are awarded a score from 1-8.

Summarily, the GMAT has an average score of 550 and the scores range from 200-800. Two-thirds of GMAT test candidates earn a score between 400-600. Both the total score and the section scores are included in the reports sent to business schools.

Are the GMAT and GRE very difficult to pass?

According to GMAC, the body administering the GMAT, over 200, 000 people take the GMAT every year. Of these, a measly 6% of them score at least 720. What this means is that the GMAT is a hard exam and as a taker, you need to put in a lot of effort to score 720 and above.

Just like the GMAT, passing the GRE is dependent on your admission requirements. Ordinarily, any score above the 50th percentile is deemed good. But to improve your chances, you should be targeting anything above the 75th percentile to be sure that you stand a chance of entering your program. Usually, most schools will look at your Verbal and Quantitative percentiles ahead of your total GRE score.

So, yes, the GMAT and GRE are very difficult to pass without adequate preparation. This brings us to the core of this article—the tools and resources to help you secure a good score on your GRE and GMAT.

Which should you take?

Sometimes, you may be confused as to which of these texts you should take. It would depend on the purpose but most times, it depends on the type of program you want to apply to. But if you are at a loss, pick the GRE. Most higher institutions accept the GRE. However, most Business Schools prefer the GMAT.

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GMAT and GRE Prep Apps, Tools and Resources

We are going to look at several tools and resources including websites, applications, and books. Some or most of them come with a fee but you can still use their trial versions to see how it works before going further to make payment. The list is in no order.

Magoosh – One of GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

Arguably one of the most economical GMAT and GRE preparation platforms when stacked against other prep giants. While Magoosh does not offer the conventional prep books like some of their counterparts in the GMAT prep world, they have a lot of digital guides that do cover several topics.

Magoosh: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

The Magoosh GMAT and GRE prep apps practice tests are peculiar in comparison to other test prep companies. Magoosh creates virtual tests from the student’s pool of unanswered practice questions instead of having a set of committed practice exams for their students to take. This is in line with their recommendation of two practice tests to not drain the supply of practice problems.

They have a Guided Live + Premium package, which incorporates 16 hours of a live class. The classes are led by GMAT pros and take place in 2-hour increments twice per week, making the full live course length about 4 weeks (excluding holidays). The tutor covers various modules in the live classes, tackling content review, sample problems, and test-taking hacks. Asides from their videos, practice tests, and live tutorials, they also have several other helpful GMAT prep resources such as:

  • Score predictor
  • Progress tracker
  • Flashcards
  • Review feature to sort past questions
  • Forum for students to ask questions and engage

Their pricing package is from $219 to $599 for GMAT and $129 to $399 for the GRE, payable in installments at extra cost.

You can check them out from here –

Manhattan Prep by Kaplan: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

This is another popular GMAT prep app resource. Kaplan boasts a robust GMAT curriculum, and they provide a ton of study materials that include 44+ hours of video instruction and 5,000+ practice problems. The downside of these is that they come in pricey. Some would argue that the pricing is justified as it is commensurate with the GMAT prep resources they provide.

On their website, they boast that all Manhattan Prep instructors scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT. Their instructors are highly skilled teachers with enough experience and knowledge to empower and inspire you with their expertise.

Manhattan Prep by Kaplan
Manhattan Prep by Kaplan

Their price packages are as below:


  • Complete Course in Person: Includes 27 hours of in-person instruction, 6 full-length GMAT practice tests, all GMAT books and resources, and an on-demand prep course for $1,899 at $159/month.
  • Complete Course Live Online: Same as Complete Course in Person but for $1,599 at $134/month
  • Private Tutoring Package (10hrs): In this package, you will get all books and resources as well as a 1-on-1 personalized tutorial whereby your instructor builds a custom study plan for you. You can also set your GMAT prep timeline. Costs $2,450 at $205/month.

For top-notch GMAT scores, you can explore these packages:

  • Bootcamp: For those test takers that have a short window of preparation for their GMAT. They will part with $2,599 for this prep.
  • Advanced course: This is for those that want to improve on their 650 scores. Costs $1,399
  • On demand: 35+ interactive GMAT lessons that are available anytime. You can stop, skip, or repeat these lessons as you wish. Costs $999.


  • On-demand course: For $449, you get access to over 180 hours of online instruction and practice, 40+ hours of live and recorded lessons, and official test day experience.
  • Live online course: In this package, you get 180+ hours of online instruction and practice, 21 hours of live in-class instruction where one teacher teaches and the other takes and answers questions, and 40+ hours of recorded lessons. All for $999
  • Tutoring + On-demand course: Starting from $2,299, you will get a full GRE on-demand course available 24/7, homework support, and 1-on-1 session with an expert.

Kaplan has a custom practice tool called the Qbank made available to students to create their quizzes based on topics, question types, difficulty, etc. The Kaplan’s QBank contains over 2,300 questions allowing you to boost your stamina and get familiar with the pressure that comes with timing to ensure you improve. Answers to question in Kaplan’s Qbank comes with detailed answers explaining why the answer is correct or incorrect.

Kaplan’s GMAT and GRE prep resources:

  • GMAT Starter Kit
  • Official test day experience where test takers can take one of 9 practice exams at an actual Pearson VUE test center.
  • Kaplan’s GMAT Channel to access additional video instructions
  • Private tutoring to help you in your area of weakness. With pricing of between $2,500 (10 hours) to $5,000 (40 hours). Includes prep.
  • Kaplan’s GMAT mobile app
  • Practice tests score reporting

You can visit their website here –

Princeton Review

Princeton Review GMAT and GRE prep apps are robust tools that avails the test taker of several preparation modes. They offer some of the most trusted GMAT study resources along with tutors that have decades of experience. They have one of the best-in-class 10 full-length practice tests that almost replicate the real GMAT.

Princeton Review: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

They offer three GMAT prep packages for test takers: self-paced, fundamentals, and GMAT 700+.

The self-paced option is for potential GMAT and GRE test takers that would rather study and prepare on their own.

The fundamentals are the most popular plan among test takers. This may be because this option offers 27 hours of live instruction. Of course, it is a step above the self-paced option in that it can be done online or in person.

Now, the two packages above might not be for you if you are gunning for the top 10-12th percentile or aiming to get into a top 25 MBA program. You should go for the GMAT 700+. It is much more intensive than the former plans—self-paced and fundamentals. It guarantees students to score above 700 (on the assumption that some baselines are realized). It avails you of 4 hours of private tutoring and a class size of 10 students max.

Princeton Review GMAT prep packages are as below:

  • Self-paced package starting at $699 gives you the access to study at your own pace anytime from anywhere.
  • Fundamentals gives you access to 27 hours of live classroom time that will help you improve significantly, and it starts from $1,299.
  • The GMAT 700+ packages starting at $1,699, give you access to over 47 hours of instruction by experts, 4,480+ GMAT style questions, as well as a GMAT official guidebook bundle. You also have access to interactive video lessons and adaptive drills designed to prepare you for the real exam. To subscribe to this package, you must have a 620+ score to have the guarantee of scoring 700+.

Asides from these 3, there is also the Private Tutoring package, which is their most personalized approach to tutoring. This is priced at $167 per hour.

For GRE:

  • GRE 10 Points+: For those that want to increase their scores by 10 points. Costs $549 or more
  • GRE 162+: For those that want to achieve a guaranteed GRE Quant and Verbal 162+. Price starts from $2,099
  • Fundamentals: For starters or newbies to GRE who want guaranteed success. Their pockets will be at least $1,099 light.
  • GRE 165+ Tutoring: Givesaccess to online and in-person tutoring. Costs at least $156/hr.

Princeton Review GMAT and GRE preparatory practice tests include lessons, coursework, drills, and other resources test takers will find useful. As a registered learner on the platform on any of the packages, you have access to 10 full-length computer-adaptive practice tests. All are hosted on the Princeton Review’s digital platform. User reviews on forums have it that these practice tests are over 95% match for the real GMAT test.

One stand-out feature of Princeton Review is their confidence in their GRE and GMAT prep apps and resources such that they offer a money-back guarantee should test scores not improve. Alongside that is their refund policy—you can request for refund if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your GMAT and GRE prep course, within 7 days of purchase.

Other prep resources you get from Princeton Review are:

  • Live GMAT explanation sessions that are interactive
  • Tutor email assistance
  • A 1-hour tutoring session for the first 2 packages (GMAT 700+ provides 4 hours)
  • Pacing chart

You can visit their website here –

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep is the only GMAT and GRE prep app among the leaders in the standardized tests prep tools known for their exhaustive Quantitative Reasoning course. This means that if you are not very confident or comfortable with your mathematics skills, Target Test Prep might just be the tool you need to build your confidence and strong foundation in core math concepts. It also means they are not big on the Analytical Skills and Verbal section as their contents in these areas are quite light or not as broad and focused as on the quant section.

It is not until recently that Verbal Reasoning was added to their program. It covers Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning portions of the GMAT.

Target Test Prep for GMAT and GRE prep is your go-to prep resource as it helps uncover your weakness and guides you through an improvement process that is systematic.

They offer exceptional value through their coverage of topics, clear explanation through video, and impressive user interface and experience.

Target Test Prep: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

They offer the best-in-class practice question with their over 2,500 quantitative reasoning practice questions for the GMAT and over 3100 for the GRE which ensures that all loopholes are covered. In addition, they also have over 500 verbal reasoning questions covering critical reasoning and sentence correction.

Coupled with the tons of practice questions are the high-quality instructor-led videos breaking down the answers into essential points that involve step-by-step strategies ensuring the learner understands the fundamentals.

Another important feature of the Target Test Prep tool is its live chat helpline designed to cater to prospective test-takers. They also have a blog filled with information that complements the course. Like some of their counterparts, they offer private tutoring sessions based on the package procured.

A major advantage of Target Test Prep is their willingness to refund you should your quant score not increase. Of course, it comes with terms which include that you send them your first GMAT score within weeks of your starting your GMAT and GRE preparations with them. There are also some others; so, it would benefit you greatly to check the terms surrounding their full refund policy.

In terms of pricing, Target Test Prep offers three packages on both GMAT and GRE.


  • Flexible preparation—gives FULL access and total flexibility at $149 per month which you can cancel anytime.
  • Dedicated study—gives you full access for 4 months for $449.
  • Maximum Learning—grants you full access for 6 months for $499.

For GRE:

  • Flexible preparation—gives FULL access and total flexibility at $99 per month which you can cancel anytime.
  • Dedicated study—gives you full access for 4 months for $299.
  • Maximum Learning—grants you full access for 6 months for $399.

For both tests, the plans are essentially the same save for their cost and duration.

On the downside, they do not have prep hardcover books, nor do they run live classes.

Their supplemental resources include:

  • Error tracker
  • Test analytics
  • Notes aggregator
  • Equation guide
  • Fill-in-the-blank notes.

You can visit their website here –

Varsity Tutors: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

Varsity Tutors GMAT and GRE prep apps, formerly Veritas, is a curriculum-focused preparation tool. They provide a finely tuned curriculum in addition to providing access to top test tutors. If you are looking for the best tutoring experience on a budget, which includes live sessions, they are your best bet.

With the Varsity Tutors prep tool, you can prepare a custom practice test where you can create a problem set or choose from existing Test/Flashcards.

They also have a free digital book that you can use as support for your tutoring sessions.

Varsity Tutors - GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

All Varsity Tutors GMAT prep courses involve live instruction that could either be within small groups or with 1-on-1 private tutoring. Their most popular course merges small group instruction with private tutoring.

Varsity Tutors’ self-study courses offer value for money, with their plethora of diagnostic tests, they have lots of GMAT practice questions that different difficulty levels, two practice tests of full length, and gives access to their dedicated mobile app.

Varsity Tutors make learning at your own pace smooth and engaging with their guided self-study course. You can attempt tough questions in a guided live small group class or improve your high score potential with personalized 1-on-1 tutoring.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to find one with a start date and schedule that works for you since their courses are all instructor-led.

Like other prep resources, Varsity Tutors also have packages for both their GRE and GMAT.


  • Small Group Classes: This package gives you access to 20 hours of instruction in a class of between 6-9 students, 5 times a week for $599
  • GMAT Bundle: Combines the features of the Small Group Class, but this time, you have access to 30 hours of instruction with personalized 10 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring for extra guidance. Costs $1,599
  • 1-on-1 Tutoring: Starting at $102/hr., you get matched with the perfect GMAT tutor and provide a learning plan. The tutor matching is done by consultation in a bid to understand your background, goals, and learning style after which they use a series of proprietary algorithms and analyze over 100 variables to pinpoint the perfect GMAT tutor for you.

For GRE:

  • Early Study Plan: This is free for test takers. Gives you access to over 700 practice questions, diagnostic assessments, and study plans.
  • Serious Study Plan: For $99 per month, you have access to all features of the Early Study Plan plus access to unlimited GRE prep classes, a one-on-one session with an instructor should you get stuck, and access to HD videos on-demand with 90 bite-sized instructional videos.
  • Success Plan: Gives you the full Serious Study Plan in addition to any 4 hours of one-on-one tutoring every month and 20% off any additional one-on-one for $299 per month.

You can visit their website here –

Achievable (GRE only)

The newest kids on the block, Achievable, traditionally known for their securities industry exam prep, have brought their proprietary adaptive technology to GRE prep. It is out of place for anyone to question or wonder if their prep materials and practice tests are effective.


Unlike other GRE prep tools, they do not have any special package; they have just one package which costs $199 for 1 year. Guess it is because they are still fitting in.

The Achievable GRE practice tool has an endless amount of GRE quantitative exam questions. They don’t have a fixed number of GRE practice questions. Their system generates several unique quizzes with randomized text and variables from over 120 GRE quantitative questions, ensuring the learner does not only memorize to recall the answers but also understands the concept. After answering a question, the learner can review the answers to understand the math and logic involved.

Achievable also boasts of over 200 high-quality hand-crafted GRE verbal reasoning questions and have given learner the access to take 10+ full-length practice verbal reasoning exams. Their prep resources also include flashcard-like quizzes for 250+ of the most tested GRE vocabulary words. This is quite like how vocab is tested on the actual exam.

Achievable exam prep includes their online textbook, review questions, as well as full-length practice exams.

If scrolled to this point hoping to see mentions of video or live classes, well, you are mistaken. Achievable GRE prep does not offer those for now. Achievable is more about self-motivated studying. But would you expect all those features for less than $200?

You can visit their website here –

GMATWhiz (GMAT only)

Their GMATWhiz prep tool is for GMAT only. They have a well-structured curriculum, and the modules are so well taught. If you have no idea whatsoever of Quants and Verbal reasoning, you can use GMATWhiz to learn and score well. They have a very accurate AI that helps you structure your course and allows you to study at your own pace. Their score predictor is also powerful and accurate. I doubt whether you can get any that is more accurate, even among the giant tools. Their practice quizzes match very closely to the actual GMAT and the scoring system of GMATWhiz is amazing.


GMATWhiz assigns a personal mentor to their learners who keeps track of your overall performance and offers their guidance whenever it is needed. The mentors point also point out learners’ weak areas and provide one-on-one sessions to help improve the learner’s areas of struggle.

Asides from having over 100 HD video lessons, 90+ concept booster files, over 4000 practice questions, 10 mock exams, and a dedicated mentor, they also have:

  • great course curriculum and structure that can teach a beginner
  • self-paced and personalized mode of study
  • accurate score predictor

As regards pricing, they have a free version but to get the best, you can subscribe for any of their 3 packages as highlighted below:

  • $149 package that gives you full course access for 2 months. This is specifically for aspirants starting at 650 or more that need an accelerated improvement.
  • $249 grants you access for 6 months. It is for those aspirants starting at 580 or more and needs improvement.
  • $299 package gives you full access for 6 months and it is for those that want to start from scratch.

You can visit the website here –

Experts Global (GMAT only)

When you talk about value for money for GMAT prep, Experts Global is the go-to resource. Considering its robust and comprehensive nature, it is easily the most economical and highest in quality. They have 15 full-length GMAT practice tests with explanatory videos, rigorous analytics that points out areas of weakness, over 200 conceptual videos, and a set of 12 sentence correction digital books. All these for $50!

Experts Global

Experts Global practice tests are supported by several videos and a performance analysis system. Their practice tests although not adaptive but are a very close match with the real GMAT questions in terms of content, complexity, and difficulty. It is very likely that by the time you take all the practice tests available, you would be ready and confident enough to take the real test.

For $50, you have access to 15 practice tests. This is more than what other platforms offer. Experts Global believe in repetition and consistency as important factors in acing the GMAT. The tests are also good to build your stamina ahead of the actual test.

One of the features of the Experts Global platform is the “Flag option,” a feature that allows the learner to save important questions they find difficult to answer at the moment so that they can revisit them later.

A very useful and inspirational feature of the platform is the analysis screen that comes up after the completion of each mock. It tells you the exact areas where you are weakest and the areas where you are strongest based on your most recent performances. This allows you to work towards improving in those areas.

VerbalHub: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

VerbalHub is an Indigenous website you can use to prepare for your GMAT. They boast of candidates scoring between 720 to 760 on average on their website. They have a result-oriented course structure and that comes at a budget pricing.


They come highly recommended by individuals on several forums such as Quora and Reddit. They make use of a 4-round technique to prepare you for the GMAT exam:

  • Round 1-Foundation: This is the round they introduce the GMAT syllabus to prospective takers bringing them to an understanding of GMAT preparation.
  • Round 2-650 tips and tricks: After completing the first round, you are promoted to this round. This round is where you will be prepped to score a minimum of 650 using some tips and tricks they will make available to you.
  • Round 3: This is the round that mentors step in after noting a test taker’s weakness and attempt to strengthen them in those areas.
  • Round 4: The final round, also called the elite round is where test takers are prepared to score 720, 740, 760, and above using common sense.

Verbalhub offers coaches classes that can be taken online but you can check out the free demo classes before proceeding. They offer various resources such as:

  • 300 videos of questions with solutions for Quants and Verbal
  • Full-length mock tests
  • 100+ questions for AWA
  • One-on-one sessions with mentors

They have several prep plans indicated in Indian Rupees and when converted to dollars, range from $235 – $775 for the GMAT.

You can check them out by visiting their website here –

GREedge (GRE only)

This is another GRE prep app that is based in India where you can select from different access packages that unlock test preps. GRE Edge offers online facilitators, 3000+ practice questions, and lessons, provide analytics that helps to monitor your progress and analyze your performance, and gives feedback so you know which area to concentrate your study on. The packages are set for a stipulated period where you can access these practice tests and video lessons, and also use the score predictor.


GREedge offers several different packages and if you are not sure which of the packages best suits your needs, you can make use of their quiz system to make a package choice.

The quick quiz will assess your current needs and skill level and point you to any of the available programs because it could be tough for you to go it all alone considering the number of plans they have on offer.

You can select from the packs as described below:

  • Solo Packs, further broken down as below:
    • Rapid GRE—two months of access
    • Fast Track—one month of access
    • Focus GRE—a 45-day

This pack also offers a 15-day access plan 3-9 months plan.

  • Combo Pack includes the features of Solo + TOEFL and GRE Study.
  • eClass Packs offers online classes where there is a specific targeting for Verbal and Quant separately even though there is a general class.
  • Special Packs could go on from 15 days to two months.

Like VerbalHub, GREedge prices are stipulated in Indian rupees. Prices after conversion start at around $140 for a month of access or promotion (Fast Track) price of $60 for one month of general study. A three-month GRE/TOEFL pack costs $330; while three-month e-courses cost $420, or $315 on promotion.

You can check them out by visiting their website here –

examPAL: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

Making use of their own algorithm called PAL algorithm, examPAL makes use of the three most common ways—Precise, Alternative, and Logical—to prepare test takers for writing the GMAT and GRE.


They have a trial package as well as four full practice tests available for you should other than the trial package that can get you into testing mode and test out how you would react to being in a testing environment.

They also have test reviewers available on standby 24/7. This makes it easy for you as a student to improve your scores based on unbiased and fast feedback from experienced reviewers.

The free trial plan works lets you utilize the week on the program for free to test some of the lessons, watch some videos and take part in some tutorials. By exposing you to this, examPAL would have given you that motivation to purchase the full product.

Their packages are as stated below.


Essential: 2 months full access to quant and verbal lessons with 4 full practice tests, 2 essay reviews, access to ask a tutor up to 50 questions, and a guaranteed 50-point improvement in score for $314.

Premium: 3 months of full access to quant and verbal lessons with 4 full practice tests, 4 essay reviews, live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, experts’ assessment, access to ask a tutor up to 100 questions, and a guaranteed 70-point improvement in score for $489.

Genius: 6 months of full access to quant and verbal lessons with 6 full practice tests, 6 essay reviews, live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, experts’ assessment, access to ask a tutor an unlimited number of questions, and a guaranteed 70-point improvement in score for $692.

For GRE:

Express: 6 weeks of full access to quant and verbal lessons with 3 full practice tests, 2 essay reviews, and access to ask a tutor up to 50 questions for $349.

Premium: 3 months of full access to quant and verbal lessons with 4 full practice tests, 4 essay reviews, access to ask a tutor up to 100 questions, and a guaranteed 6-point improvement in score for $489.

Genius: 6 months of full access to quant and verbal lessons with 6 full practice tests, 6 essay reviews, live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, experts’ assessment, access to ask a tutor an unlimited number of questions, and a guaranteed 6-point improvement in score for $699.

You can check them out by visiting their website here –

The Economist Education: GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

The Economist GRE and GMAT app prompts you to select an exam date and target score at the early stage of enrolling on the tool. This is what the app uses to calculate your study time per day to reach that target score you must have set for yourself.

The Economist Education

The Economist GRE and GMAT prep app/tool also have a money-back guarantee with their terms and conditions of course and they are rather standard when compared with the other tools that offer the same.

Like most other tools, The Economist has three pricing packages for both the GRE and GMAT prep tools.

Their GMAT tutor offers are $314, $489, and $692 for their 2-month Essential, 3-months premium, and 6-month Genius packages respectively. A lot of features are on offer on all the features, including access to their mobile application while their GRE tutor offers $539, $539, and $539 for their Express, Premium, and Genius packages for 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months respectively.

GRE Exam Prep 2022

GRE Exam Prep 2022 mobile app is a subscription-based GRE prep app (no GMAT) available in the Apple and Android stores. It is a mobile that helps you increase your confidence to pass the GRE on your first attempt by practicing thousands of practice questions available on their mobile application.

The app allows you to select the level at which you are prior to beginning your prep, your test date, and how often you want to study towards your official test date. This will help the app calculate how much time you need to study, the number of questions you are practicing with every day, and also set a reminder for those periods.

GRE Exam Prep 2022

They offer a free trial, but you will need to purchase a subscription to have access to all features and over 900 questions.

GRE Exam Prep 2022

They have a 1-week plan that costs $5, a monthly plan that costs $15, and a yearly plan of $60. When you sign up for the first time, you are given a lifetime offer of $70 which will disappear forever if you do not subscribe to it within 60 minutes.

You can download the app from here –

Vince Kotchian

Easily one of the cheapest GRE tutors around, Vince Kotchian has created a niche for himself, claiming scores of 170V and 167Q, he has brought together several GRE tutors to take candidates in tutorials at a very low cost.

Vince Kotchian

Together, they have turned their San Diego GRE testing center into a go-to place for anyone on a budget to prepare for the GRE.

They have lots of available resources online for download that can also be useful when preparing for the GRE. They offer in-class training as well as online training via Zoom.

Their tutoring is packaged into three:

GRE Customized Study Plan: With this plan, a complete schedule will be created for you with daily and weekly to-dos for math, verbal, and essays based on each candidate’s unique situation and goals. This plan costs $295.

GRE Customized Study Plan Lite: For $95, you get a simplified version of the Customized Study Plan. In this plan, once you sign up, you will get a questionnaire that makes your tutor learn more about your GRE prep timeframe as well as your target score, strengths, and weaknesses. You will get recommendations by email based on your answers containing study materials that match your situation. This is especially recommended for those that are confused and need clarity regarding where to start in preparing for their GRE.

GRE Verbal Precision: This part is only taken by the man, Vince Kotchian himself. An acclaimed guru when it comes to GRE Verbal section. He is said to have scored a perfect 170 twice. You will be taught how to precisely tell whether answers are correct or incorrect. It includes GRE Vocabulary Cartoons course and access to GRE Prep Squad—a Discord group—where you can ask him questions directly. This plan is between $19-$24.

You can visit their website here –

Summary and Conclusion on GMAT and GRE Prep Apps

While I will not make any recommendations for you but instead leave you to decide. I will advise that you take all the time you must practice and practice every day so you can become familiar with the questions and how to answer them.

If you are financially capable, you can opt for renowned tools like Magoosh, Manhattan Prep, Target Test, and Princeton Review. But if you are on a budget, you can go for the economically viable options. Chances are that if you commit time and energy, you will achieve success in your GMAT and GRE.

Prep App/ToolCosts
Magoosh$219 – $599$129 – $399
Manhattan Prep by Kaplan$999 – $2599$449 – $2299
Princeton Review$699 – $1699$549 – $2099
Target Test$149 – $499$99 – $399
Varsity Tutors$599 – $1599$99 – $299
GMATWhiz$149 – $299X
Experts Global$50X
VerbalHub$235 – $775$235 – $775
GRE EdgeX$140 – $420
examPAL$314 – $612$349 – $699
The Economist$314 – $612$349 – $699
GRE Exam PrepX$5 – $70
Vince KotchianX$19 – $295

Some FAQs on the GMAT

Who takes the GMAT?

The GMAT is created by the business schools, and it is intended for business schools. People that want to attend and are about to apply to a graduate business school take the GMAT.

Who is eligible to take the GMAT?

The age structure for the GMAT requires that candidates should be at least 18 years old; there is no upper age limit for the GMAT. For candidates between the ages of 13 and 17 years, they must get written proof of permission from a parent or legal guardian to sit the GMAT exam.

Where can I sit for the GMAT?

The GMAT exam can only be taken at designated Pearson VUE test centers all over the world.

When can I sit for the GMAT?

It is recommended that you take the GMAT a year before when you want to apply to your business school depending on the application deadline.

How much is the GMAT test?

The GMAT costs $250. The cost includes sending your reports to up to five programs or business schools of your choice.

What is the duration of the GMAT test?

The GMAT takes up to 3 hours t minutes to complete which does not include the two optional 8-minute breaks in between.

In what subject areas am I being tested on the GMAT?

The GMAT tests you in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Word problems.

Some FAQs on the GRE

Who takes the GRE?

People that want to attend and are about to apply to a graduate school take the GRE. It is used to set them out from the crowd and, it is a requirement if you want to apply for a program or to a school.

Who is eligible to take the GRE?

There is no requirement or eligibility to take the GRE. Anyone can take the GRE and there is no age limit or academic requirement to register and sit for the GRE.

When and where can I sit for the GRE?

You can write the GRE at the closest available testing center close to you—they have testing centers around the world. Check the ETS website for the list of all testing locations. The test holds all year round and you can choose to write the computer-based or the paper-based test should the computer-based test not be available in your locality. Note that the paper-based test holds three times in a single year.

How much is the GRE test?

For $205, you can write the GRE test. You can register for the exam on the ETS website.

What is the duration of the GRE test?

It takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the GRE test.

In what subject areas am I being tested on the GRE?

The GRE tests how well you are knowledgeable in a particular study field. It is intended for students whose undergraduate discipline is in one of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, or Psychology.

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We wish you the very best with your exam!!!

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