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Joke :: Akpos Making A Dumb Bet

After making several posts about Schools Admission, Scholarships, Internships, Graduate Jobs and Vacancies, we decided to round it up today with a Joke. Yes, we posted some Matriculation News too. It’s been a great day, let’s end it smiling, laughing and cracking ribs cos all work and no play makes Akpos a dull boy. They also say all play and no work makes Akpos a dull boy. We have worked, let’s play!

Akpos Making A Dumb Bet

One day Akpos and John were watching T.V when the news came on, showing a man standing on a bridge about to commit suicide, suddenly Apkos said “I’ll bet N500 that the guy won’t jump off”, John said I bet N500 that he will jump.

Unfortunately for Akpos the man jumped off the bridge, Akpos accepted his fate and stretched forth the money but John didn’t take it, saying “I can’t take the money coz I cheated, I already saw the news this morning” but Akpos insisted and said “no you can take it, I cheated too, I also watched the news this morning, I just din’t know the guy will be stupid enough to jump again!”



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