Kogi State University Suspends the 3 Months Strike, Set To Resume

At last the Kogi State University Suspends the 3 Months old Strike.Students, Lecturers and the general public of the Kogi State University are hereby informed. It would be recalled that the State Govt had paid 4 out of the 5 months arrears owed but the academic staff insisted on all claiming that issues like EAA, excess Tax etc were still pending but it seems the worst is now over.

Kogi State University Suspends Strike

The University Management in their effort, held 2 separate meetings with ASUU Exco appealing to them to resume work but all to no avail. The frustration of staying at home force the students to take to the street pleading with the Government, blocking the road the roads, but that is a thing of the past now.

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The ASUU-KSU just suspended her over three months old strike action. Hence, academic activities have began and a Senate Meeting was held yesterday at the Senate Chambers in the Senate Building.

Students are glad to be back to school but are now pleading with the management to be lenient in setting their examination questions. Here is a comment from a KSU student, “pls use your good office to compel the lecturers to set simple question at least for this semester, preferably objective questions. Personally, it takes ma brain more than one month to boot for academic activities”. How many KSU students would agree with this?

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