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Lagos State Government Spent Over N49Billion On LASU In The Last Five Years

Over the last 5 years , Lagos state government has spent well over 49billion naira on infastracture and development of Lagos state university (LASU). In an analysis on how the money was spent , the lagos state government explained that N29,624,235,453 was spent on recurrent expenditure while N19,781,525,827 was on capital expenditure. The government also claims that the student’s tution fees is not enough to keep the school running.

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“The students who pay the new tution fees began payment only two sessions ago. Of the over 12,000 students in LASU, only 2,153 is expected to pay the new fees. This amounts to N459,257,960.00 paid by students in year one and two.

“The total revenue of N459 million expected from tuition fees is a far cry from the State Government’s required expenditure on the institution. In 2014, about N9.2 billion will be spent by Government on LASU alone, out of which N2.6 is for capital expenditure and N6.6 billion is for recurrent. Out of the N9 billion proposed to be spent on LASU, less than half a billion naira will be generated from tuition fees!”

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