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List Of Some Nigerian Private Universities and their Fees.

Most people complain a lot about the standard of Government Universities in Nigeria, this brought about the rise of so many private universities in Nigeria. One lovely thing about Nigeria is that everybody complains about no money but that still doesn’t stop people from spending their money where their mouth is. On the NUC official website we have about 51 registered Private Universities running in Nigeria. This is the list of some of the private universities in Nigeria and their fees for the 2012/2013 session.

We are posting the fees and the breakdown into Tuition, Accommodation and Feeding fees. Other fees that are required to be paid will also be included. Information about the year the school was founded and other relevant ones will be added.


Click on the numbers below to take you through page one of ten of the Private Universities on this list with their school fees listed.

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  1. Talking about private institute we know there own by individuals what of lagos state university that is been own by the state there paying 200+ now. There need to be rated among the private schools also

  2. pls what is the situation at LASU external program. the main campus is silent about it. no lecture. no exams. I have 2 children there in 4th year but now nothing is happening. they are trying to waste my children time and money. pls help me find out more.

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