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MicroNiche & Amazon, Jumia (E-Commerce) Ranking For Profit Guide

Yes, this is a students/education website and I would like to share this here. Would you like to start making money as a student in Nigeria or outside Nigeria? This ebook can help you get started.

I started making money as a student too. I was importing phone accessories and fashion items from Alibaba and selling online. I also started this website called NSCholars as a students and it still brings in revenue to this date.

Ahmed Ogundimu – Founder NGScholars.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can use the secrets in this book to start making money online. These are proven methods of making money known only to few. If you want to start making money online as a student, you should get a copy of this ebook.

This ebook will show you the tested method to find and rank micro-niche keywords; and make money with them easily. The interesting part is that you can start getting results as early as 2 weeks after starting, depending on the difficulty of the Keyword your site wants to rank for.

Microniche & Amazon, Jumia, Konga Sales & Ranking Guide
Microniche Blogging & Amazon, Jumia, Konga Sales & Ranking Guide

You can use this method to create a micro niche web- site, rank it on Google and use it promote your products on Amazon or your own websites. If you don’t have any products, you can also use this to promote other peoples’ products on Amazon and earn commissions.

My aim of sharing this ebook here is to help students, admission seekers and fresh graduates stand on their own and make money.

Don’t worry, the book will also show you how to look for low competition keywords and phrases that have decent average monthly searches and can earn you money. This will be first in a series of the ebooks I will be publishing.

You can get a copy of this ebook for just N1,000 (goes back to N2,500 in 3 days). Click the buy now button below to complete your payment. After payment, we will send the ebook to the email you submitted during checkout.

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You will get a response with a copy of your ebook in PDF format.

Please, look forward to my e-book that shows how I made thousands of US Dollars from Blogging (Adsense earning screenshot below). I am done writing the e-book, I am only making videos that explain some parts of the video. Some things are better explained with videos.

adsense earnings

These are business ideas you can start while you are still in school. At the end of this book, you will be able to start making money online as a student.

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