Must Read! Convert Your Nigeria HND/Diploma To UK Degree. LoL

Well this is really hilarious but we must also take it serious at the same time. One of our readers on NGScholars sent this to me that he stumbled upon the picture on Twitter and wanted to know if such a thing is possible. The first thing that came to my mind was ” what kind of person would go into such”, deceiving people? I don’t want to rule out the possibility, if you have seen it done before, let us know.

What exactly this is telling us is that we can convert a certificate issued in a Nigerian Polytechnic to a University Degree “issued” in the United Kingdom. I smell prison. Why would someone even want to do this? To get a Job? Promotion? Many employers confirm these things now. It is very easy to confirm unlike before.

Convert your Nigeria Diploma to UK Degree

As far as I’m concerned, it’s either a Joke or just an headline to catch attention of people. Where on earth do they do such conversion? Please, help us share this post maybe, just maybe we could see someone who knows how this is done. As far as I know, don’t fall victim and pay people for this. If you do, it’s your fault.

I’m still laughing at the point of publishing this. So, hilarious!!!

Ahmed Ogundimu

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