MyJobsNG: Job Vacancies Listing In Nigeria Today is a job vacancies-posting portal that list the latest jobs in Nigeria today and everyday. MyJobsNG is out to solve common and intrinsic problems facing job seekers in Nigeria. Not only is MyJobsNG helping employment seekers, it will help Employers to find their dream employees to filled those vacant job positions they have.

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It is no more news that the employment clime in Nigeria has over the years developed a not-so-laudable reputation. Apart from being one of the least favorable, many will submit that the high rise of crime, particular among young educated people is largely due to the sorry state of the job market.


Here’s the puzzle; despite the fact that Nigeria has over the past decade, grown to become the biggest destination for foreign investors, resulting in massive inflow of new companies, expansion of already existing ones and extinction of those not capable of blending with change; we still have an alarming rate of unemployment.


As a nation, we have experienced more violence and blood-shed over the past four years than we did in the 40 years after the civil war and, this mention is not intended to make the situation look any less dreadful than it is.
However, the emphasis (for the sake of this discussion) is on the good side, which is that: foreign investment has consistently stayed on the rise, despite the Nation’s challenges.
We had a couple of companies relocating from Nigeria to other parts of sub-Saharan Africa due to poor infrastructure, chief of which is power, yet many more have come in and the already existing ones are expanding investments.


Unarguably, there is massive opportunity for the job seeker in every sector of the Nigerian Economy. What is lacking are the requisite tools and know-how: adequate information, required skills, capacity building and a whole lot more.
Let’s face it, the average unemployed Nigerian has a lot more to know and do, than they currently do. It will amaze you that even with a Master’s degree, some people don’t have the tiniest idea how their training relates to the work environment.


MyjobsNG is an innovation that seeks to address the ills of unemployment: challenge misconceptions, provide sensitization and deliver practical steps to eradicate it.

We at MyjobsNG have taken it upon ourselves to help the job seeker see existing opportunities, prepare for them and create new ones.
One of our newest efforts in this direction is to integrate a web-based evaluation and advisory system that will provide real time career guide to the job seeker. This is expected to be fully operational before the end of this year.

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