Naija Jokes : Which Of The Following Jokes is Funnier?

Here are two Naija Jokes that are very funny but one must surely be funnier than the other. We want you to be our judge by taking your time to read the two jokes below and telling everyone which you think is funnier.

Naija Joke 1:

SHOPRITE Opens In Ibadan. Over 102,000 Residents Visited to either buy something or watch. N35,000 Sales Recorded.
Then Ibadan girls are like:
“Ore mi, A mo ku Soppin oni O! Soppin A Tuwa Lara O!” Then the other responded and said “Amin ase edumare, a a se Soppin re ibi giga o”
When they saw their friend, one of them said “Hah Sukura, So o ti lo si Soprait? Aye oloba la wa nje o… A ti lo se Soppin ilu eebo” =)):D “e ba wa yo e ba wa jo o” 😀 =))
Like seriously?

Click on Page 2 below to check out the second joke…. LoL

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