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NECO Chemistry Practical Specimens For 2013 June/July Examination

NECO Chemistry Specimens – This article will show you the specimens that you need to prepare with for the 2012 NECO June/July Examination, Chemistry practical paper.

We are sharing this with you to get you prepared for your NECO Chemistry practical and not to prepare you to cheat in the examination. We know some people will still write into the exam hall even after seeing questions weeks before the examination. This is NECO Chemistry Practical Specimens so, just read about them because the questions can be structured anyhow.

What are the NECO Chemistry Practical Specimens For 2013 (June/July)

Specimens for Chemistry– NECO

Usual apparatus and reagents
-dilute sodium hydroxide solution
-dilute ammonia solution
-dilute hydrochloric acid
-distilled water
-red and blue litmus paper
-fehlings solution(I&II)
-concentrated tetraoxosulphate (vi)solution
-freshly prepared iron(II)tetraoxosulphate(VI) solution
-burette(50cm^3),pipette(20cm^3 or 25cm^3),filtration apparatus
-methyl orange
-boiling tube, test tubes,

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