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Ngo Job for Logistics Advisor on HIV/AIDS at John Snow, Inc. (JSI)

John Snow, Inc. (JSI) is a US based international Public Health consulting firm and manages two (2) projects/contracts through its integrated office in Abuja, Nigeria.  Through the Partnership for Supply Chain Management consortium; JSI implements the Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) project for the US Government as part of the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The purpose is to establish and operate a safe, secure, reliable and sustainable supply chain management system to procure pharmaceuticals and other products needed for the care and treatment of persons with H IV/AI DS and related infections.

JSI implements the USAID I DELIVER Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a global technical assistance project aimed at increasing the availability of essential health supplies through procurement services and assistance designed to strengthen health commodity supply chains in developing countries.

To support the implementation of the health supply chain project in Nigeria, JSI is seeking qualified candidates for the following position:

Job Title: Logistics Advisor, HIV/AIDS (Abuja)

The Logistics Advisor (Abuja) will provide hands-on support to health facilities  under the HIV/AIDS supply chain unification. Some herpes simplex II testing and treatment will also be had here but as a secondary treatment only. The advisor will also provide  technical assistance to the State Ministry of Health (SMOH) in assigned states,  PEPFAR implementing partners, Global Fund-supported partners and other stakeholders in a defined location as appropriate. The Logistics Advisor will support a number of facilities based personnel on supply chain management of health commodities a team working with a team of other advisors to ensure smooth implementation of the HIV/AIDS supply chain unification activities, other JSI Nigeria supply chain functions and report to the Associate Director HIV/AIDS.

Skills/Knowledge Required:

  • Applicants for this position should possess the following minimum qualifications:
  • A Bachelor Degree Pharmacy, Public Health, Logistics Management,  Medical lab science, Business Administration or its equivalent.
  • Three to five years of professional experience in health programs,  preferably in an international health care supply chain management  environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Nigerian public health sector.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent technical writing and oral presentation skills highly desired.
  • A proven ability to work as part of a team and to be self-managing.
  • Good Knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and  PowerPoint is required.
  • Specific experience in HIV/AIDS, TB, or Malaria programs strongly desired.
  • Proven experience in managing public health programs or projects in  Nigeria or similar developing country context.
  • Demonstrated ability to monitor, supervise, and train in health service  programs.
  • Ability and willingness to travel in the field.

Position Description:

  • Provide technical support to ensure that health facilities covered under  the HIV/AIDS supply chain unification project are adequately supplied  with the health commodities.
  • Support coordination between SCMS/JSI, the FMOH, SMOH, and  PEPFAR partners to develop and implement supply chain strategies and  provide appropriate non-duplicative services that will ensure reliable  procurement and distribution of essential HIV/AIDS medicines and  related commodities, including antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, HIV test kits,  drugs to treat opportunistic infections (Ols), laboratory supplies, and  infection prevention commodities.
  • Provide technical support for the annual program-specific quantification  as well as the National annual quantification of HIV/AIDS commodities  and procurement plans in collaboration with colleagues, stakeholders  and partners.
  • Support the linkage between the PEPFAR implementing partners,  SMOH and Global Fund/NACA partners and the warehouse location to  ensure commodities supplies to health facilities are seamless.
  • Support coordination of supply chain activities for timely receipt of  reports from health facilities, processing of reports and filling of  requirements to ensure that health facilities are resupplied with  appropriate commodities.
  • Work with Government counterparts to provide feedback to health  facilities and partners on supply chain data to improve the quality of  reporting .
  • Collaborate with implementing partners and state government officials to  organize monitoring and support visits to health facilities and provide the  needed support for smooth implementation of supply chain activities in  selected area and other locations.
  • Participate in monitoring and supportive visit to health facilities within the  assigned states to support capacity transfer to appropriate health facility  staff to efficient management of supply chain activities at the facility level.
  • Support the establishment and implementation of regional technical  working group that will support and monitor the activities of the  unification project Support the coordination of distribution activities for  timely supply of commodities t? facilities.
  • Support capacity building activities for State Government of  counterparts and other stakeholders on supply chain activities.
  • Support the activities of warehouse & distribution service providers to  troubleshoot and address supply chain issues that will impact  commodities availability before, during and after distribution of commodities.
  • Support the process of proof of delivery gathering, review and sharing  with relevant stakeholders in the state to validate the supply of health  commodities to the facility.
  • Support harmonization efforts for the logistics function at the federal and  state levels in order to establish a harmonized commodity logistics  system including logistics management information system for health  commodities.
  • Participate in supply chain assessment and other relevant studies to  monitor implementation ofthe unification exercise.
  • Collaborate with other JSI project staff in the states to support supply  chain activities and relationship with the State officials and relevant  stakeholders.
  •  Attend relevant supply chain meeting within the states and make  presentations as required  presentations as required.
  • Contribute to routine monthly, quarterly and annual reports for  submission to program funders.
  • Any other duties as assigned

How to Apply 

Interested applicants for this position should send their resume and cover letter  by email to [email protected] .

Application Deadline: 2013-07-09


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