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NUC Finally Approves Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Postgraduate Programmes

The NDA Postgraduate School was established in 2005. However, sometime last year, the NUC had directed NDA to close down all PG programmes in the school for lack of formal approval from the Commission. The decision was in line with the Commission’s new policy on PG programmes in all universities, which entails resource verification.

Subsequently, NDA hosted the NUC resource verification  team from 23 – 24 August 2012 . The result of the verification exercise showed an overwhelming percentage pass for all departments running postgraduate programmes. Meanwhile, the PG programmes in NDA have been re-focused with emphasis on defence and strategic needs of the nation. The list of NUC-approved PG courses include the following:

a.    Department of Chemistry.

(1)    Full-Time.
I.    MSc/PhD Organic Chemistry.
II.    MSc Material Science and Explosives
III.    MSc/PhD Analytical Chemistry.
IV.    MSc/PhD Inorganic Chemistry.
V.    MSc Environmental Chemistry.
VI.    MSc Environmental Chemistry.

(2)    Part-Time
PGD forensic Chemistry    
i.    Department of Mathematics/Computer Science

b.    Department of Mathematics/Computer Science
(1)    Full-Time.
I.    MSc Pure Mathematics
II.    MSc Mathematics(Operations Research)

c.    Department of Physics.
(1)    Full-Time.
(i)    Msc/PhD Theoretical Physics.
(ii)    MSc/PhD Nuclear and Radiation Physics
(iii)    Msc/PhD Solid State Physics.
d.    Department of Biological Sciences.
(1)    Full-Time.
(a)    MSc Medicinal and Poisonous Plants Studies.
(b)    MSc Biotechnology.
(c)    Msc Parasitology.
e.        Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
(1) Full-Time.
(a)    MEng /PhD Electronics and Communications Engineering.
(b)    MEng /PhD Electrical Power Systems Engineering.
(2)    Part-Time.  PGD Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
f.    Department of Economics and Management Sciences.

(1)    Full-Time.
(a)    Msc/PhD Accounting.
(b)    Msc/PhD Economics.

(2)    Part-Time.  
(a)    Masters in Business Administration.
(b)    PGD Banking and Finance.
(c)    PGD Management.
g. Department of Geography.
(1).  Full-Time.
(a)    Msc/PhD Military Geography.
(b)    Msc/PhD Geography in Remote Sensing/GIS.
(c)    Msc/PhD Geography in Climatology
(d)    Msc/PhD Urban Geography
(e)    Msc/PhD Geography in Population Studies
(f)    Msc/PhD Geography in Environmental Management.

(2).  Part-Time.  
(a) PGD Environmental Management.
(b) PGD Geography in Remote Sensing/GIS

H. Department of History and International Studies.
(1).  Full-Time.
(a)    MA/PhD Military History.
(b)    MA/PhD International Studies.
 (2).  Part-Time.  
(d)    Masters in Development Studies.

I. Department of Political Science and Defence Studies.
(1).  Full-Time.
(a)    MSc/PhD Defence and Strategic Studies.
(2).  Part-Time.  
(a)    PGD Public Administration.
(b)    Masters in Public Administration.
(c)    Masters in Strategy and Security Administration.
(d)    Masters in International Affairs and Strategic Studies.

Information Source : NDA Portal

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