NYSC: Important Notice to 2014 Batch C Corpers Yet To Receive Call Up Numbers

NYSC has issued an important notice to 2014 Batch C Corpers yet to receive/see their Call Up numbers. The Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC) has advised youth corpers yet to their Call Up number should go through the official statement put out by the organisation.

Important Notice to 2014 Batch C Corpers Yet To Receive Call Up Numbers

Below are some important information to all 2014 Batch C prospective corps members especially those who are yet to receive/see their call-up numbers:

1. If you did online registration September ending or earlier and you are yet to receive/see your call-up number, your records presented by your institution to NYSC have some issues. such records have been sent back to institutions for correction. As soon as they effect and send back the clean records, all those affected will receive/see their call-up numbers.

2. If you registered October, your data is being processed now. As soon as NYSC finishes the processing, you will receive/see your call-up numbers.

3. If you registered online and your institution did not present your data OR you did not register online even if your institution presented your data to NYSC, pls know that there will be NO call-up number for you hence you will not join this Batch C. You wait till next batch (Batch A 2015) but your payment will be valid till that time for those who have paid.

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