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Opinion : NYSC Batch A Late Comers To Camp Punished By Squatting (Frog Jump) At Nasarawa Camp

I saw this picture some day back. It shows some prospective corps members who have been asked to squat with their luggage on their heads by a Soldier. I know you must have seen the picture too but what baffles me is the way some people are condemning the act.

As far as I am concerned, one of the objectives of the NYSC Scheme is to instill discipline in corps members and I don’t see any reason why a prospective corps member should come late to the NYSC Orientation Camp. It’s not something that comes out of the blues, you must have been notified of this.

The mobilization list must have been pasted in the school, the time-table released by NYSC and call-up letters delivered to institutions a week before. Corp members have a whole weekend and the monday before the opening of Camps to prepare and travel.

Do you think this punishment is unjust? Share your views!

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  1. Shahab Muhammed Kogi March 8, 2013

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