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How To Pass NOUN Examinations

Are you a student of the National Open University looking to understand the best methods and study patterns to come out with flying colors? Are you interested in passing your examinations without Hiccups? We have helped you research on How To Pass NOUN examinations, guaranteed methods that will definitely have you not only doing well in your exams but also understanding your choice course of study;

The answer is in your TMA’s (Tutor Marked Assignments) & Study materials.

What are TMA’s

Tutor Marked Assignments are NOUN’s idea of tests given to students to guage their aptitude and progress during an academic year. Each course has 4 TMA’s each out of which the best 3 of your scores are picked to add up towards your final test mark of 30. What most don’t know however is that NOUN repeats over 60 percent of this questions again the examinations. Yes, that is right. If you can manage a score of 30 in your TMA’s which should not be too difficult if you are serious enough to read through your study material (Almost all answers to TMA question are in the study materials.) And you manage to take the time to correct the mistakes you might have made in your TMA’s and remember the solutions, you have guaranteed yourself a minimum score of a B. Considering you will have to meet the same set of questions again. Granted they might be twisted and mixed among other complicated questions for the purpose of the exam. But, passing your TMA’s puts you in a very strong position before your exams.

Group Discussions With Other Students Of Your Department

The orientation a lot of Noun Students have is that you simply register and everything else takes place online. This is simply not true. The NOUN study center is there for a reason. Departments have class representatives who coordinate class mandated group discussion where everyone sits together and plough through TMA questions helping you better understand the problems in the questions and the appropriate solutions. Many would say “What you gain in a group discussion you gain for life” and I fully agree with this logic. This discussions further help in treating TMa questions and past questions in a manner you will not forget quickly.

Go Forth & Pass Your Exams

Of course your personal study times are important too, No examination should be written without proper preparedness but we are only helping you bridge the gap between tiny details you might be missing towards passing your NOUN examinations.

Hope this post has been of great help, drop a comment if you have any further questions and we will be glad to assist you with quick responses.


  1. Some of the TMAs has wrong anwsers and some on the options the real anwser is not found I have every evidence towards that, am in 200level Bsc chemistry

    1. According to my understanding, if you attempt to answer TMA questions based on your previous studies with material outside of NOUN’s own recommendations you will be wrong 60 percent of the time. This is why it’s important to stick with NOUN’s suggested additional study material and the study pack provided by the school itself.

  2. Are you now saying if all text books are saying the same thing and noun own is different from that. We should go for noun own. For instance if other books write 2*2=4 and noun says 2*2=2. Are you saying we should go for noun own?

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