Redeemer’s University Wins 2016 High-Quality Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Grant

United States-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), Seeding Labs, has named the Redeemer’s University (RUN) recipient of the 2016 High-Quality Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Grant. The school will receive the grant with 15 others across the world. The NGO, which is committed to uplifting the standard of higher education in developing countries, named the instrumental access awardees at an event held in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Nina Dudnik, said the 16 selected universities did well in training talented scientists.

He said: “We are thrilled to be helping these universities to catalyse their research and teaching. Their work is vital not only to their immediate communities, where research can have enormous impact on daily life, but it is also beneficial to the global scientific community.”

RUN and other 15 universities from 11 countries won the awards, after rigorous screening and selection from 67 research-based universities in the developing countries.

The selected universities were said to have inspiring goal to advance cutting-edge research, expand training opportunities for students with potential for building infrastructure that is critical to promoting human development.

Under the programme, Seeding Labs will acquire, package and transfer selected equipment to the Department of Chemical Sciences at the College of Natural Sciences of Redeemer’s University, which is being coordinated by Dr. Emmanuel Unuabonah.

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