This is a comprehensive list of Scholarships for Nigerian Students – it comprises of scholarship awards available to Nigerian students for during the 2013/2014 academic year. The list contains both scholarships for studying in Nigeria and those for studying abroad.

These financial aids for Nigerian students are to further their education both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters, PhD and postdoctoral programs for Nigerian students) levels. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

This list of scholarships covers a wide range of specialties including Humanities Arts and Social Sciences, Science, Agriculture and Engineering, Applied Sciences, Biotechnology, Genetics, Soil Science, MBA, Banking and Finance, Literature, American Studies, Communication, Computer Science and Data Processing, Education, Industrial Arts, Trade and Technology, Law, Mathematical Sciences and Medical Sciences.

scholarship for nigerian student

Note that some of the scholarships to study abroad are not just for Nigerian Students. Some are scholarships/grants listed for students from developing countries of which Nigeria is included. Some of the scholarships offered to students already studying in Nigerian Universities often have various criteria such as CGPA, accreditation status of your course of study, JAMB admission letter (meaning that you must have done JAMB online registration, sit for UTME, passed and offered admission) and more.

We have received some messages from candidates who are applying for the nigerian navy recruitment and the nigerian airforce recruitment asking for scholarships they can apply for. Let us also use this medium that those two are recruitment exercises and they are more like taking up a job. It is different from admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy which involves going into classroom.  The same thing applies to those applying for nigerian army recruitment. That is just by the way – let’s go back to the main topic of the article.

List of Scholarships For Nigeria Students

These are some of the scholarship awards available for Nigerian students to benefit from. You can browse through the list and get information on some of them on our site. If you do not see any information on any of them, you can simply copy the name and search for it on Google.

  • Development Scholarships For Nigerian Students in Czech Republic
  • IDRC Doctoral Research Awards for Canadians and Developing Countries in Canada
  • British Council / NLNG Scholarships For Nigerian Graduates To Pursue Masters Degree In UK
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships, Westminster International Scholarships,
  • London Metropolitan University Scholarships,
  • MUIS Scholarships in Australia,
  • Leiden University Excellence Scholarships, Netherlands (LexS),
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships,
  • TWAS-USM Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme,
  • Mexico Government Special Scholarship,
  • UNESCO/Japan Young Researchers’ Fellowships Programme,
  • INSEAD Freddy Salem Scholarships,
  • NNPC / ESSO National Postgraduate Scholarship,
  • MMMF Grant for Women of Developing Countries,
  • Akwa Ibom State Government Nigeria Postgraduate Scholarship Award,
  • Chevron MSc Subsea Engineering Scholarship,
  • MIPLC DAAD Scholarship,
  • Governor’s Special Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship Programme,
  • OFID Scholarship Award,
  • Leventis Foundation Nigeria LTD/GTE Scholarships for MBA Study in Greece,
  • NNPC/TEPNG National Merit Scholarship Application,
  • British Council Mansion House Scholarship
  • PTDF Overseas Scholarship For Nigerians – Undergraduates, MSc, PhD
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships For Developing Countries
  • SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarships Scheme
  • Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarships For Undergraduates and Postgraduates
  • Indomie National Post Graduate Nutrition Scholarship Awards
  • Oyo State Govt Bursary and Scholarship Awards for both Undergraduate and Post-graduate Studies

Those are just some of the scholarships for Nigerian students that we post. You can get a list of the current scholarships available at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level by clicking on the applicable links below:

  1. Postgraduate scholarships available to Nigerian Students
  2. Undergraduate Scholarship awards for Nigerians

We wish you all the best!!!