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Tuition Free Countries (Finland, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Iceland)

There are some countries in Europe where tuition is FREE in Universities i.e. University education is FREE for both local and international students. In these countries, their respective governments have taken decisive measures in ensuring that all higher educational institutions are well equipped.

These Universities are equally well funded by the state in order to ensure excellent academic deliveries. On this page, you will se all the European countries where you can study without paying school fees.

Tuition Free Universities in Europe

Tuition Free Universities in Europe

The countries that offers free tuition education include:


The cost of education in terms of tuition, materials and registration fees are free. However, the students will be responsible for their living expenses which include: housing, feeding, transportation and utility costs. Go to list of tuition free universities in Finland to see the full list of these schools and apply


The payment of tuition for most of the English taught programmes in Norwegian universities are free.
Prospective international students will only have to take care of their living expenses (housing, feeding, books, transportation and other utility fees).

Living expenses in Norway is slightly higher than that of other European countries.

Go to list of tuition free universities in Norway to see the full list of these schools and apply.


Majority of Germany’s universities and other academic institutions charge little or no tuition at all. However, living cost, registration fees, books are not free. Go to List of Tuition Free Universities in Germany to see the full list of these schools and apply.

Full list of universities in Germany can be found here.


The country have been offering tuition free university education for years until recently when the Government introduced tuition and admission fees for international students. However, there is compensation in terms of surplus in availability of scholarships and funding that are based on need and academic merit for all international students.


There are no tuition fees to public universities in  Iceland. The only fee to be paid is a non-refundable registration fee within the range of 100 EUR to 250 EUR. You will have to pay tuition and registration fees if you want to study in private universities in Iceland. But the fees are minimal (more like you are attending private university in Nigeria).

A reputable university for international students in Iceland is University of Iceland . You can also check Reykjavik University. This post will be updated very soon with more countries and universities.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this informative article. However can you please post smth on tuition free masters programmes. Some of us graduates need to go for masters programme but don’t have enough information. Thanks

    1. It is possible, but most countries wouldn’t want you to fully depend on the so-called jobs as means of paying fees.

    1. Make sure you read thoroughly before commenting. It applies to all levels of study depending on each institution.

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