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UNILORIN Vacancy For Facility Managers of University Hostels

The University of Ilorin, UNILORIN management have announced that they are looking for Facility Managers of the university hostels. All members of the public that are interested are hereby informed.

Suitable and qualified applicants/investors are hereby invited to manage the University-owned students’ hostels situated on the Main Campus of the University. See full details below.

UNILORIN Vacancy For Facility Manager

The University of Ilorin is a second generation University with a current student population of over 50,000.  The long-term plan is to make the University fully residential with the support of private investors who are encouraged to Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) within an agreed period.  This idea is fast yielding positive results, as a number of these investors already have their presence on campus with structures accommodating over 6,000 students.  The University owned hostels are 5 in number and are run on a village system (from Village I to Village V) with a little close to 4,000 bed space capacity.


Village I (Male hostel):Made up of five (5) compounds (A – E) with capacity to accommodate 880 students – including launderettes and kitchenettes.

Village II (Female – Lagos hostel):Made up of five (5) compounds (A – E) with capacity to accommodate 880 students including – launderettes and kitchenettes.

Village III (Abuja and Kwara):Made up of 4 blocks (Abuja A, B and C) and Kwara D) with capacity to accommodate 348 and 86 students respectively.

Village IV (Zamfara hostel):Made up of 7 blocks (A – G) with capacity to accommodate 720 students.

2. Village V (Trunil):Made up of 5 blocks with self-contained rooms (A – E) with capacity to accommodate 240 students.

The hostels have over the last ten (10) years been managed by a private investor whose tenure will come to an end by July 2018.  Hence, the University is offering a new window of opportunity for same or other investors to partner in operating and managing the hostels.

Services that would be required include but not limited to:

i)Provision of state-of-the-art facilities such as bedding, wash basins, etc.;

ii)Provision of alternative standby power supply;

iii)Provision of adequate water supply (storage facilities inclusive);

iv)Equipping and making the common room(s) or relaxation centres in the hostels decent and comfortable;

v)Provision of clean, decent and habitable hostels’ environment; and

vi)Engagement of Porters and Security personnel that are well trained and cultured for work in a University environment, particularly in handling students’ related matters.

Investors will be required to visit the Student Affairs Unit and by extension visit the hostels for assessment or inventory-taking before making submission.  This is to ensure that investors have a holistic overview of the services required by the University.

Other details are as will be contained in the Mou to be signed after engagement

Application closes by 20th July 2018


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