Free Website Design Training in Nigeria

Robots are taking over jobs at a very rapid rate. In the future, some job roles will no longer be available to humans. 

Why don’t you acquire skills that have the least likelihood of being taken over by robots? That will make you always employable or able to start your own businesses. 

Use this tool to check if Robots will take job.

This is why we are organizing this training on how to build websites. Website design and development is a highly-sought after job all over the world.

The Cheapest Website Design Training in Nigeria

This is the most affordable website design and development training you will ever find in Nigeria. Why not grab this opportunity?

What will you learn? 

You will learn how to:

  • build any kind of website using Wordpress CMS
  • get and configure a domain name and web hosting setup
  • install Wordpress to create your self-hosted website 
  • design and setup all parts of your websites
  • start making money with this newly-acquired skill 

Who should attend the training? 

  • Anyone who is  looking to acquire a highly sought-after skill 
  • Women are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Kids looking to start building projects and prepare themselves for the future 
  • Undergraduates who want to be ready for the high end of the job market
  • Unemployed graduate who want to learn a skill that can start making them money immediately 
  • Employed persons looking for a skill that can earn them a side income 
  • Any computer literate person who wants to acquire a money-making skill
  • Anyone looking to immigrate to Canada or other countries. There is a shortage Website developers in many countries. Ontario in Canada for example will nominate and invite you to come and live and work tin Canada if you have work experience as a website designer (see screenshot below).  


  • you should know how to operate a computer 
  • you should know how to use the internet 

How much is it? 

The main objective of this training is make more people acquire the skills for now and the future. We just want to pique your interest. Therefore, we won’t be charging anything for this training. 

We strongly encourage women to apply.

According to a StackOverflow Survey Report, women are underrepresented in the development space. Among the respondents that code professionally, almost 92% are men, which means there are opportunities out there for women.

How to Pay for Training:

Reserve a Seat by filling the form below. Don’t forget to hit the “Reserve a Spot” button:


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Training Medium: 

Microsoft Meet or Zoom. 

We shall communicate this to you in due course.