West African Academy of Public Health Internship Application

The West African Academy of Public Health (WAAPH) is currently recruiting Virtual Interns.  Those candidates selected will be central to sharing the organisations mission, shaping messages and programs, impacting organization direction, and helping introduce WAAPH to the world online.

Virtual Interns receive an orientation introducing them to operations and resources they will need for assignments and projects online.  This would be conducted face to face for those living in metropolis of Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos. Virtual Interns are placed according to their interests and skills and connected to the Programme Coordinator who will help to ensure engagement, support, and hands-on experience related to interests and skills.

West African Academy of Public Health is an innovation-driven consulting organization with a vision of working in the field of public health to create a dynamic, equitable, integrated, decentralized and participatory health system within a just and empowered society in the spirit of Universal Access to Health. It looks to collaboratively evolve through consultations with multiple sectors and partners across West and Central Africa and international academia, national, states and local governments, as well as multi & bi-lateral agencies and civil society groups.



Candidates from any background with a significant interest in WAAPH’s mission are encouraged to apply.   The academy is seeking individuals eager to learn about and improve how they can impact millions around West Africa and the world through their mission, programmes, message campaigns, connections, and engagement. Below are the specific requirements applicants are expected to meet:

  • Undergraduates, graduate students, recent graduates, individuals in career transition
  • Ability to think big, prioritize, and focus on detail in a multi-tasking online environment
  • Work and/or volunteer experience in their field (1-2 years)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Collaborative and team-focused approach
  • Organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Research and quantitative skills
  • Passion for improving the health of communities

Job description

  • Conduct social media activities; hangouts, panels, twitterviews,  hackathons
  • Coordinate online Youth Health Champions
  • Identify potential partners & their relevant areas of interest
  • Participate in free online courses
  • Provide virtual helpdesk for WAAPH
  • Serve as an alternate to cover duties for ‘offline’ staff and interns
  • Engage in out of usual scope of responsibility “stretch” assignments
  • Identify virtual challenges and lead working sessions to address them
  • Develop, promote, and conduct global health education programs
  • Develop proposals and make pitches to potential partners
  • Develop and manage social media , handles, networks and website
  • Develop press releases and fact sheets for media outlets
  • Pair and partner with other functional teams at WAAPH
  • Participate in virtual  meetings, webinars, and events
  • Conduct relevant online researches

How to apply

To apply on the company website, click here

Application Deadline

The application deadline for application for this internship position is 21st April, 2016

We wish you the best of luck in your application!!!

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