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10 Killer Tips for Argumentative Writing

All students, sooner or later, are faced with the need to write an argumentative essay. At the center of an argumentative essay locates a basic statement with which you need to agree or disagree. In the essay, you have to pick up and state your arguments in such a way as to convince the reader that you are right, that is, your task is to make the reader agree with your opinion.

Some people cannot find the necessary arguments or have still not figured out the structure, in this case, to buy argumentative essay is a way out. But if you are determined to cope with this type of essay, then in our article you will find 10 points that will kill any good essay and which, therefore, you have to avoid.

Tips for Argumentative Writing

1. Writing Rarely

If you do not write every day, then you simply will not acquire writing skills. If you want to learn how to write an essay, then you have to write every day, even if you do not want or lazy. Remember, not a single writer wrote anything worthwhile for the first time.

2. Complaining

As soon as you start whining and complaining that you are not succeeding, then you really will not succeed. Instead of complaining endlessly, it is best to read tutorials on how to improve your writing skills for an argumentative essay. 

3. Not Writing a Plan

If you do not have a plan for what you want to write before writing, the essay may be ineffective. For example, if you come up with arguments for and against right in the course of writing, then your statement may not be strong enough and there will be more arguments against than arguments for.

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4. Not Editing

If you do not edit the written essay, then it will remain hundreds of grammatical errors and two hundred more stylistic. After writing, you need to re-read your work and edit it, and preferably several times.

5. Getting Distracted

You will not be able to write a good essay if you simultaneously chat with your classmates, tweet and watch videos. Since you started writing, then focus on what you write and set aside devices that can distract you.

6. Inventing Facts

Fictional statistics and facts will not fool readers. Do not try to come up with any information just because you lack in-depth knowledge of the topic.

7. Being Too Emotional

The argumentative essay is not a page from a diary, not a review of the film, and not a personal letter, it is not about your feelings! No need to write such an essay in the spirit of praise or complaint.

8. Verbosity

Do not forget that the essay, like any other written work, must have a certain volume. An essay is not a term paper or a diploma. This is a brief overview of a specific topic. The essay should contain only qualitative information.

9. Long Complex Sentences

An essay must prove the author is right. Using long phrases makes this very difficult. It will be better to use both, short and long sentences. Try to read an essay out loud after writing. If you face difficulties with some phrases, then this is the first sign that they have to be separated into smaller ones.

10. Tedious Preface or the Whole Text

Remember that an essay should not be boring to read. If the author himself loves long reasoning, without grasping the meaning, then it will not be easy for him/her to write such material that will interest the reader. There is only one way out – to give as many people as possible to read the essay and leave their opinion. Reviews are very important, for example when you order a work and not sure whether it will be done in a good way you may read a hundred of other people’s feedback to be sure. The same system with your own essay, if you are not sure whether it’s good or not, ask somebody for a feedback. 

An argumentative essay is significantly different from a regular one and therefore it is more difficult to write. To write an essay according to all the rules, it is necessary to take into account a number of important points and avoid mistakes. We hope that our top 10 essay-killers will help you avoid them and write professionally.

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