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Tips To Write A Killer Scholarship Statement

Writing a personal statement is the most important part of applying for the scholarship, and you’ve got to make sure your personal statement is top-notch. But what if that is your very first scholarship personal statement, and you don’t really know what to do to make the committee give you that scholarship? Do not worry, there are several tips we can share to help you understand what the key features of an excellent personal statement are and how you can take your writing to a whole another level.

Let’s make one thing clear from the start: this is not going to be easy, and you’ve got to invest some time and effort into your writing in case you want the committee to make the decision you expect, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

Write a Killer Scholarship Statement

Express Your Personality

Think about those things that make you unique. Of course, your amazing grades are a good thing, but there are many students with high grades out there, and not all of them get that scholarship. Apart from the grades, think about those traits that make you worthy. Do yourself a service, focus on the positive stuff, tell them about how good you are in some areas, give your personal statement that unique touch, make your writing engaging, look for some UKEssay writing service help, and show that you are more than just a student with high grades. As said, you are not the only one with a high score, but you are the only one who is you! So show them who you are and what makes you unique. 

Be Authentic

Try to be honest with yourself and with the committee. These people have been going through those application statements for years, and they know exactly when the students try to be what they are not. Don’t try to fool them because they won’t buy it. Try to be as authentic and as open as you can, and it might just give you the result you need. Even if you know you have some weaknesses and some points for improvement – mention them, we all have those, and you are not a perfect person either. Find some scholarship application examples and go for it, open up, and they are going to appreciate you being honest and transparent. 


Your writing has to be organized in a proper manner because nobody wants to read a personal statement that is a mess. If you are not an experienced personal statement writer, just find some examples, see how people structure their writing and do something similar. You don’t want to jump from one topic to another and back; this would only confuse the readers; what you need to do, is to create a fluent piece of writing that is easy to read and comprehend. The flow is essential for the reader, so make sure your writing has it. 

Give Examples of Your Past Achievements

Your personal statement for scholarship has to stand out; it has to have an attention grabber for the reader because these committees go through hundreds of application letters every year and most of them would really feel the same. Give them some anecdote that describes you as a hardworking and motivated person instead of just saying you are hardworking and motivated. It is not enough to just say you are good at this and that, give the committee some real examples of the situations where you could put your skills to good use. Trust me, almost every application letter has something about being hardworking, motivated, and fast-learning – do something different, give the committee some proofs.

A quick tip here: avoid cliches at all costs. The guys at the committee hate cliches because they go through hundreds of similar letters every year, and they are really tired of all the “I am motivated and hardworking” stuff. Try to come up with something new, something that is unique to you, and try to make your writing look as authentic as you can.

Application Essay

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Follow the Guidelines

In most cases, you would receive some requirements on how to write your personal statement: the font size, the word count, the formatting, and all that stuff. Never neglect those requirements because the committee has them for a reason. Omitting those requirements is a sign of being inattentive, careless, and even disrespectful, so if you want a bit of advice from a personal statement writing service â€“ follow the rules. That is how you show the committee that you’ve paid attention to their requirements and that you are capable of doing your work the way it is expected from you. 

Mind The Humor 

Some members of the committee might appreciate a little humour in your writing; some might not. To put some jokes in your writing is up to you because if you really feel like doing so, it is a part of your personality, so go for it. But remember to stay on the safe side, don’t go for some controversial jokes that might look rude to some people, be careful here because you are stepping in a danger zone here. Make sure your jokes are really soft and innocent. Just be gentle. That’s what she said.

Wrap Up

Yes, writing an application letter is not easy, and if you’ve never done that before, it might turn out to be a real challenge for you. You should not give up though, try to focus, come up with an outline for your writing, think it all through, and try to write it. Do not rush, you don’t have to finish it in one sitting, so just relax and enjoy your writing. Consider it a kind of self-reflection and an opportunity to analyze what you have achieved and where you are going. 

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