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BUK Postgraduate School Fees Schedule – 2017/2018

Bayero University, Kano, BUK Postgraduate school fees schedule for 2017/2018 academic session has been released. All students of the Bayero University, Kano School of Postgraduate Studies are hereby informed.

The management of the Postgraduate school has released all fees payable by PG students of Bayero University, Kano as follows. All students are to follow the instructions attached too.

BUK Postgraduate School Fees

BUK Postgraduate School Fees Schedule – 2017/2018

See the Bayero University Kano Postgraduate Registration Procedure – 2017/2018

Below is the School Fees Schedule for Postgraduate students for the 2016/2017 academic session as released by Bayero University, Kano (BUK).


Bayero University Management wishes to inform students that PAYMENT will close on Friday, 2nd of March 2018. and ALL other activities related to postgraduate registration will close on Sunday, 4th of March 2018. Students are advised to conclude all course registration activities before the closing date as complains relating to registration would not be entertained after the closing date. 

 Registration Fees

Registration fees are reflected on student’s BUKPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform (click here for the payment procedure). Make sure you carefully read, understand and follow the payment procedure, as BUK will not be liable for any lost of funds as a result of incorrect data entry. Students must make sure that they entered ALL the information of the BUKPPF EXACTLY. Students must also ensure that

  • Name of MDA
  • Name of Service/Purpose
  • Description
  • Amount to Pay (₦)
  • Registration No.
  • Payer’s Full Name
  • Payer’s Email
  • Payer’s Phone

are captured exactly as they are written on the BUKPPF. Note that Payer (Payer’s Full Name, Payer’s Email, Payer’s Phone) means the student, so even if the student is not the one making the payment (payment by proxy) make sure to use the student information. Any misinformation may lead to unnecessary delay in validating and processing of payment. Payments are usually validated and processed within 24/48 hours of making payment.

Late Registration Fee

Late Registration for all students attracts ₦5,000 additional charges. Late registration period is from Monday, 05 March 2018 to Sunday, 11 March 2018

(For Non-Nigerians)
1M.A, in History – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
2M.A. In English – Language₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
3M.A. In English – Modern African Literature₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
4M.A. In Hausa – Culture₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
5M.A. In Hausa – Language₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
6M.A. In Hausa – Literature₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
7M.A. In Linguistics – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
8M.A. in Arabic – Literature₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
9M.A. in Arabic – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
10M.A. in French – Language₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
11M.A. in French – Literature₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
12M.A. in Islamic Studies – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
13M.A. in Shariah – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
14M.Ed. In Education – Curriculum Studies₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
15M.Ed. In Education – Educational Administration and Planning₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
16M.Ed. In Education – Guidance and Counselling₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
17M.Ed. In Education – Psychology of Education₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
18M.Ed. In Education – Tests and Measurement₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
19M.Ed. Special Education – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
20M.Ed. in Education – Adult and Non-Formal Education₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
21M.Ed. in Education – Community Development₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
22M.Ed. in Education – Extension Education₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
23M.Ed. in Education – Gerontology₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
24M.Ed. in Education – Social Welfare Education₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
25M.Eng. Agricultural Engineering – Farm Power and Machinery Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
26M.Eng. Agricultural Engineering – Process and Storage Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
27M.Eng. Agricultural Engineering – Soil and Water Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
28M.Eng. in Civil Engineering – Construction Management₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
29M.Eng. in Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
30M.Eng. in Civil Engineering – Highway and Transportation Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
31M.Eng. in Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
32M.Eng. in Civil Engineering – Water Resources and Environment Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
33M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering – Communication Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
34M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering – Control and Instrumentation Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
35M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering – Electronics Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
36M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering – Power and Machines Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
37M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering – Energy Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
38M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering – Materials and Metallurgical Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
39M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering – Production Engineering₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
40M.Phil in Livelihood and Natural Resources Economics – None₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
41M.Sc. (Ed) Physical Education – Exercise and Sports Science₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
42M.Sc. (Ed) Physical Education – Health Education₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
43M.Sc. (Ed) Physical Education – Sports Management₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
44M.Sc. Agricultural Economics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
45M.Sc. Agricultural Extension – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
46M.Sc. Agronomy – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
47M.Sc. Anatomy – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
48M.Sc. Banking and Finance – None₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
49M.Sc. Ed. in Biology – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
50M.Sc. Ed. in Chemistry – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
51M.Sc. Ed. in Geography – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
52M.Sc. Ed. in Mathematics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
53M.Sc. Ed. in Physics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
54M.Sc. Geography – Climate Change Development₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
55M.Sc. Geography – Environmental Geography₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
56M.Sc. Geography – Human Geography₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
57M.Sc. Geography – Physical Geography₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
58M.Sc. Geography – Population and Development₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
59M.Sc. Geophysics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
60M.Sc. Human Physiology – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
61M.Sc. Human Reproduction – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
62M.Sc. In Agronomy – Crops and Cropping Systems in Drylands₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
63M.Sc. In Biochemistry – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
64M.Sc. In Biology – Conservation Biology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
65M.Sc. In Biology – Ecology and Environmental Biology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
66M.Sc. In Biology – Hyrobiology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
67M.Sc. In Biotechnology – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
68M.Sc. In Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
69M.Sc. In Chemistry – Color and Polymer Chemistry₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
70M.Sc. In Chemistry – Inorganic Chemistry₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
71M.Sc. In Chemistry – Organic Chemistry₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
72M.Sc. In Chemistry – Physical Chemistry₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
73M.Sc. In Computer Science – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
74M.Sc. In Crop Protection – Agricultural Entomology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
75M.Sc. In Crop Protection – Phytobacteriology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
76M.Sc. In Crop Protection – Phytomycology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
77M.Sc. In Crop Protection – Phytonematology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
78M.Sc. In Crop Protection – Phytovirology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
79M.Sc. In Crop Protection – Phytovirology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
80M.Sc. In Mathematics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
81M.Sc. International Finance – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
82M.Sc. Land Resources – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
83M.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science –₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
84M.Sc. Natural Resources Management and Climate Change – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
85M.Sc. Nuclear Physics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
86M.Sc. Otorhinolaryngology – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
87M.Sc. Pharmacology – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
88M.Sc. Physical Education – Recreation and Sports Tourism Management₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
89M.Sc. Physiotherapy – Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
90M.Sc. Physiotherapy – Geriatric Physiotherapy₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
91M.Sc. Physiotherapy – Neurological Physiotherapy₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
92M.Sc. Physiotherapy – Orthopedics and Sports Physiotherapy₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
93M.Sc. Physiotherapy – Pediatric Physiotherapy₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
94M.Sc. Physiotherapy – Women???s Health₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
95M.Sc. Physiotherapy with specialisation in Geriatrics – Geriatrics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
96M.Sc. Soil Science – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
97M.Sc. in Accounting – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
98M.Sc. in Animal Science – Animal Breeding and Genetics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
99M.Sc. in Animal Science – Animal Production and Physiology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
100M.Sc. in Animal Science – Animal Products Processing₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
101M.Sc. in Animal Science – Monogastric Nutrition and Management₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
102M.Sc. in Animal Science – Pasture Production and Range Management₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
103M.Sc. in Animal Science – Ruminant Nutrition and Management₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
104M.Sc. in Dryland Agriculture – Range and Livestock Management₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
105M.Sc. in Economics – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
106M.Sc. in Electronics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
107M.Sc. in Geography – Natural Resources Management and Climate Change₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
108M.Sc. in Islamic Banking and Finance – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
109M.Sc. in Livelihood and Natural Resources Economics – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
110M.Sc. in Management – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
111M.Sc. in Mass Communications – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
112M.Sc. in Microbiology – Environmental Microbiology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
113M.Sc. in Microbiology – Food Microbiology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
114M.Sc. in Microbiology – Industrial Microbiology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
115M.Sc. in Microbiology – Medical Microbiology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
116M.Sc. in Microbiology – Pharmaceutical₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
117M.Sc. in Physics – Atomic Physics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
118M.Sc. in Physics – Electronics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
119M.Sc. in Physics – Nuclear Structure Physics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
120M.Sc. in Physics – Optics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
121M.Sc. in Physics – Solid-State Physics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
122M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Aquatic Botany₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
123M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Biosystematics/Taxonomy₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
124M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Ethnomedicine₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
125M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Genetics₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
126M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Mycology/Plant Pathology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
127M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Plant Anatomy₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
128M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Plant Ecology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
129M.Sc. in Plant Biology – Plant Physiology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
130M.Sc. in Political Science – Comparative Politics₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
131M.Sc. in Political Science – International Relations₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
132M.Sc. in Political Science – Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
133M.Sc. in Political Science – Nigerian and African Politics₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
134M.Sc. in Political Science – Policy Administration₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
135M.Sc. in Political Science – Political Economy₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
136M.Sc. in Political Science – Political Theory₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
137M.Sc. in Sociology – Complex Organizations₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
138M.Sc. in Sociology – Criminology₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
139M.Sc. in Sociology – Demography₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
140M.Sc. in Sociology – Medical Sociology₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
141M.Sc. in Sociology – Urbanization₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
142M.Sc. in Zoology – Entomology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
143M.Sc. in Zoology – Fisheries₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
144M.Sc. in Zoology – Parasitology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
145M.Sc Medical Microbiology – Bacteriology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
146M.Sc Medical Microbiology – Immunology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
147M.Sc Medical Microbiology – Mycology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
148M.Sc Medical Microbiology – Parasitology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
149M.Sc Medical Microbiology – Virology₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
150M. Sc Orthopedic Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
151Master of Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
152Master of Community Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
153Master of Law – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
154Master of Neurological Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
155Master of Orthopedic Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
156Master of Pediatric Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
157Master of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
158Master of Sports Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
159Master of Sports Physiotherapy – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
160Masters in Accounting and Financial Management – none₦137,000₦133,000₦212,000
161Masters in Banking and Finance – none₦137,000₦133,000₦212,000
162Masters in Banking and Finance – none₦137,000₦133,000₦212,000
163Masters in Business and Commercial Law – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
164Masters in Communication Studies – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
165Masters in Crime Management and Prevention – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
166Masters in Development Studies – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
167Masters in Development Studies – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
168Masters in Environment Management – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
169Masters in Health Economics – none₦137,000₦133,000₦212,000
170Masters in Information Management – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
171Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance – none₦159,000₦155,000₦190,000
172Masters in Library and Information Science – none₦94,000₦90,000₦245,000
173Masters in Public Health – none₦130,000₦126,000₦309,000
174Masters in Public Policy and Administration – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
175Masters in Public Relations – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
176Masters in Records Management – none₦115,000₦111,000₦234,000
177Masters in Reproductive Health – none₦184,000₦180,000₦265,000
178Masters in Taxation and Revenue Administration – none₦137,000₦133,000₦212,000
179Masters in Treasury Management – none₦137,000₦133,000₦212,000
180Masters in Treasury Management – none₦137,000₦133,000₦212,000
181Ph. D. Agricultural Engineering – Farm Power and Machinery Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
182Ph.D. Pharmacology – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
183Ph.D. in Shariah – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
184Ph.D/MPhil in Accounting – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
185Ph.D/MPhil in Arabic – Language₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
186Ph.D/MPhil in Arabic – Literature₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
187Ph.D/MPhil in Biochemistry – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
188Ph.D/MPhil in Biology – Conservation Biology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
189Ph.D/MPhil in Biology – Ecology and Environmental Biology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
190Ph.D/MPhil in Biology – Hyrobiology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
191Ph.D/MPhil in Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
192Ph.D/MPhil in Chemistry – Color and Polymer Chemistry₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
193Ph.D/MPhil in Chemistry – Inorganic Chemistry₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
194Ph.D/MPhil in Chemistry – Organic Chemistry₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
195Ph.D/MPhil in Chemistry – Physical Chemistry₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
196Ph.D/MPhil in Economics – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
197Ph.D/MPhil in Education – Adult and Non-Formal Education₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
198Ph.D/MPhil in Education – Community Development₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
199Ph.D/MPhil in Education – Extension Education₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
200Ph.D/MPhil in Education – Gerontology₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
201Ph.D/MPhil in Education – Social Welfare Education₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
202Ph.D/MPhil in Electrical Engineering – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
203Ph.D/MPhil in English – Language₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
204Ph.D/MPhil in English – Modern African Literature₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
205Ph.D/MPhil in Geography – Environmental Management₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
206Ph.D/MPhil in Geography – Land Administration₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
207Ph.D/MPhil in Geography – Land Development₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
208Ph.D/MPhil in Hausa – Culture₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
209Ph.D/MPhil in Hausa – Language₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
210Ph.D/MPhil in Hausa – Literature₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
211Ph.D/MPhil in History – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
212Ph.D/MPhil in Islamic Studies – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
213Ph.D/MPhil in Law – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
214Ph.D/MPhil in Library and Information Science – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
215Ph.D/MPhil in Linguistics – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
216Ph.D/MPhil in Management – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
217Ph.D/MPhil in Mass Communications – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
218Ph.D/MPhil in Mathematics – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
219Ph.D/MPhil in Microbiology – Environmental Microbiology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
220Ph.D/MPhil in Microbiology – Food Microbiology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
221Ph.D/MPhil in Microbiology – Industrial Microbiology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
222Ph.D/MPhil in Microbiology – Medical Microbiology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
223Ph.D/MPhil in Physics – Atomic Physics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
224Ph.D/MPhil in Physics – Electronics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
225Ph.D/MPhil in Physics – Nuclear Structure Physics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
226Ph.D/MPhil in Physics – Optics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
227Ph.D/MPhil in Physics – Solid-State Physics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
228Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Aquatic Botany₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
229Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Biosystematics/Taxonomy₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
230Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Ethnomedicine₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
231Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Genetics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
232Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Mycology/Plant Pathology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
233Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Plant Anatomy₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
234Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Plant Ecology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
235Ph.D/MPhil in Plant Biology – Plant Physiology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
236Ph.D/MPhil in Political Science – Comparative Politics₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
237Ph.D/MPhil in Political Science – International Relations₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
238Ph.D/MPhil in Political Science – Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
239Ph.D/MPhil in Political Science – Nigerian and African Politics₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
240Ph.D/MPhil in Political Science – Policy and Administration₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
241Ph.D/MPhil in Political Science – Political Economy₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
242Ph.D/MPhil in Political Science – Political Theory₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
243Ph.D/MPhil in Sociology – Complex Organizations₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
244Ph.D/MPhil in Sociology – Criminology₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
245Ph.D/MPhil in Sociology – Demography₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
246Ph.D/MPhil in Sociology – Medical Sociology₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
247Ph.D/MPhil in Sociology – Urbanization₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
248Ph.D/MPhil in Zoology – Entomology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
249Ph.D/MPhil in Zoology – Fisheries₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
250Ph.D/MPhil in Zoology – Parasitology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
251Ph.D Agricultural Economics – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
252Ph.D Agronomy – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
253Ph.D Geriartric Physiotherapy – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
254Ph.D In Agricultural Extension – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
255Ph.D Medical Microbiology – Bacteriology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
256Ph.D Medical Microbiology – Immunology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
257Ph.D Medical Microbiology – Mycology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
258Ph.D Medical Microbiology – Parasitology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
259Ph.D Medical Microbiology – Virology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
260Ph.D Neurological Physiotherapy – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
261Ph.D in Agronomy – Crops and Cropping Systems₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
262Ph.D in Animal Science – Animal Breeding and Genetics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
263Ph.D in Animal Science – Animal Production and Physiology₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
264Ph.D in Animal Science – Animal Products Processing₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
265Ph.D in Animal Science – Monogastric Animal Nutrition₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
266Ph.D in Animal Science – Pasture Production and Range Management₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
267Ph.D in Animal Science – Ruminant Nutrition and Management₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
268Ph.D in Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
269Ph.D in Civil Engineering – Highway and Transportation Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
270Ph.D in Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
271Ph.D in Civil Engineering – Water Resources and Environmental Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
272Ph.D in Dryland Agriculture – Range and Livestock Management₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
273Ph.D in Education – Curriculum Studies₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
274Ph.D in Education – Educational Administration and Planning₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
275Ph.D in Education – Guidance and Counselling₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
276Ph.D in Education – Psychology of Education₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
277Ph.D in Education – Tests and Measurement₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
278Ph.D in Geography – Natural Resources Management and Climate Change₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
279Ph.D in Human Physiology – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
280Ph.D in Islamic Banking and Finance – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
281Ph.D in Library and Information Science – none₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
282Ph.D in Livelihood and Natural Resources Economics – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
283Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering – Energy Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
284Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering – Materials and Metallurgical Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
285Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering – Production Engineering₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
286Ph.D in Physical and Health Education – Adapted Physical Education₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
287Ph.D in Physical and Health Education – Exercise and Sports Science₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
288Ph.D in Physical and Health Education – Health Education₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
289Ph.D in Physical and Health Education – Sports Management₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
290Ph.D in Plant Biology – Genetics₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
291Ph.D in Special Education – Gifted and Talented₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
292Ph.D in Special Education – Hearing Impairment₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
293Ph.D in Special Education – Learning Disabilities₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
294Ph.D in Special Education – Visual Impairment₦127,000₦123,000₦362,000
295PhD Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
296PhD Geriatrics Physiotherapy – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
297PhD Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
298PhD Pediatrics Physiotherapy – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
299PhD Physiotherapy in Women’s Health – none₦194,000₦190,000₦415,000
300Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance – none₦115,000₦111,000₦159,000
301Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Engineering – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
302Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Science (With Specialisations) – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
303Postgraduate Diploma in Arabic – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
304Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance – none₦115,000₦111,000₦159,000
305Postgraduate Diploma in Biological Sciences – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
306Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
307Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Engineering – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
308Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development and Extension Education – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
309Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
310Postgraduate Diploma in Crime Management, Prevention and Control – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
311Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
312Postgraduate Diploma in Dryland Agriculture – Range and Livestock Management₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
313Postgraduate Diploma in Dryland Agriculture – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
314Postgraduate Diploma in Education – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
315Postgraduate Diploma in Electrical Engineering – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
316Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
317Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental and Public Health – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
318Postgraduate Diploma in Epidemiology – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
319Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
320Postgraduate Diploma in Hausa – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
321Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics – none₦115,000₦111,000₦159,000
322Postgraduate Diploma in Health Education – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
323Postgraduate Diploma in Horticulture – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
324Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Physics – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
325Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
326Postgraduate Diploma in Irrigation Agronomy – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
327Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance – none₦137,000₦133,000₦137,000
328Postgraduate Diploma in Land Administration – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
329Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
330Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communcations – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
331Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
332Postgraduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
333Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Administration – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
334Postgraduate Diploma in Records Management – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
335Postgraduate Diploma in Recreation and Tourism Management – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
336Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technical Education – none₦130,000₦126,000₦234,000
337Postgraduate Diploma in Social Policy and Administration – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
338Postgraduate Diploma in Soil Evaluation – none₦108,000₦104,000₦256,000
339Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000
340Postgraduate Diploma in Translation – none₦93,000₦89,000₦181,000


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