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How to Improve Education in the US?

Many experts will tell you one of the best ways to better your life is getting a good education. It helps you get better opportunities. Exposes you to more cultures and helps you become more marketable in the job market.

However, the education system is not without its flaws. Many people end up in debt after getting their degree and spend the rest of their lives trying to pay for the student’ loans. But many students don’t have the money to sponsor themselves to school and take this route.

Sometimes you may get your degree, but with a saturated market getting a job becomes very difficult. In the end, you have no way to pay for your student loan, and your credit score worsens.

However, there are several ways the education system can be bettered. It will take a lot of effort from the government and everyone else to achieve this, but it is possible.

Change the Definition of a Classroom


Most of the education today takes place in a class. Students sit down and listen to the teacher and have had to become an expert paper writer to pass their exams. The pupils are supposed to retain everything communicated to them regardless of their interests or natural born skills.

In the earlier days, professions like blacksmith were taught to recruits through mentorship. You learn through watching the master perform the art. You get better by practicing. In the end, you master the trade and go on to work elsewhere once you attain the level required.

This is also practiced today in law where you can be mentored with an advocate with years of experience until you become a lawyer through mentorship. Such a learning tool is both practical, affordable, and effective.

But such a measure would mean overhauling most of the current education system. Therefore, a great alternative to mentorship is learning through Seminars and meetings. Experts in the field talk to the students about their life choices and how they got into the industry.

This allows them to garner firsthand information about the field they pursue. It also helps introduce the students to seasoned veterans who can further advise them or absorb them to their company. Such moments are where students learn what they need to emphasize more during their studies to create their paths to success. Internships are not new concepts by any means. But it is a practice that has been misused by companies to such an extent that it is not beneficial to any party at the end of it. A student is required to join a company in their field of study and learn through the company’s everyday routine. The student will learn what to expect from this and sometimes join the company at the end of the internship program.

But many companies choose to use the students as their errand people. Being sent to complete tasks that do not involve the degree the pupil is pursuing. In the end, the student is discouraged and may not learn anything as a result.

Poor Grading Systems

One of the most fundamental things that need to change about education is the grading system. The system is purely based on class performance and the ability of an individual to retain information dictated to them.

Sadly, this is not how the real world works. Many brilliant students have ended up being frustrated in life because they could not cope with the demand of the job. Work is more practical; it is a continues circle of learning and self-improvements. Things that are not displayed in the grading system. A more practical approach would suit many students better; instead of testing scores exams more inclined to see a student’s problem-solving skills should be used. Practical exams should be more accepted, as well. Such a system will help students understand how to use the information they have learned in class in the realistic world better.

Better Financial Aid

The amount needed to get a degree has led many individuals to forfeit college entirely. While many are left paying enormous debts that can take up years to complete. One-way financial aid can be bettered by reducing interest rates. This will allow more students to pay fewer interest rates and encourage more people to take loans.

Grants and scholarships should be more accessible to needy students. Some people need the opportunity, but sadly do not have access to get grants or scholarship even though they deserve one through stellar academic performances. Education is one of the essential attributes; each person should have. Suffice the benefits that come with it; education still needs to be improved and perfected to ensure everyone benefits from it and not just a select few.

Ahmed Ogundimu

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