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Candidates With Invalid JAMB e-PIN (Solution) – 2017/18

Here is the solution for candidates who are getting invalid JAMB e-PIN while attempting to register for the 2017/2018 UTME. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has acknowledge this problem, the causes and how candidates can resolve it.

The authorities of JAMB said all candidates having invalid PINs responses have been captured on the system and will receive their PIN details on or before Monday, 27th March, 2017. Emails with candidate name, email and valid pins will be sent to candidates before Monday, 27th March, 2017.

Candidates With Invalid JAMB e-PIN

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Causes of Invalid JAMB e-PIN During UTME Registration – 2017

Attention of JAMB has been drawn to cases of candidates who have bought ePINS and were not able to proceed with their registration due to invalid email addresses or ePINS. This was caused essentially by:

  • Change in process meant to eliminate the high rate of incorrect and inconsistent email addresses supplied by candidates.
  • A very high rate of candidates buying ePINS without creating their profile first.
  • Incorrect email address provided at the bank teller.
  • Recent enforcement of email validation of candidates emails.
  • Candidates who have not created their profile properly would be affected.
  • Unforeseen technical issues in the PIN vending system.

JAMB hereby advises all candidates as follows:

(i) Candidates are NOT to buy new pins in the case of invalid pins. The cause of the invalid pin has been investigated.
(ii) All candidates having invalid pins responses have been captured on the system and will receive their PIN details on or before Monday 27th March 2017.
(iii) Emails with candidate name, email and valid pins will be sent to candidates before Monday 27th March 2017.

2017 Invalid JAMB e-PIN Solution (To Continue With Registration)

JAMB therefore has taken the following steps to ensure the continuation of the registration process.

(i) All candidates must mandatorily create their profiles before proceeding to buy the ePIN. The ePIN vendors (Banks) can create the profile before vending the pin.
(ii) Each candidate’s email address will now be verified on the system before ePINS are vended. Any candidate with an incorrect email address will not be served. It therefore requires entering the same valid email address twice.
(iii) All candidates are to ensure that they provide valid phone numbers.
(iv) Candidates are encouraged to utilise only Jamb accredited Centers (List available on JAMB website).
(v) No one should patronize fraudsters, many of whom are now in Police custody. Only
CBT Centres accredited by JAMB can do valid registration. Don’t be deceived.

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