Looking for scholarships? This page is a grand collection of scholarships for everyone from any corner of the world. Here, you will find scholarships categorized by your country of origin, the country in which the scholarship is being offered, by discipline, level (undergraduate or postgraduate), and affinity groups.

The table below contain group links. Click the one that applied to jump to the category and filter however you want. We regularly update this archive to include rare scholarships awards that you won’t find on popular scholarships repositories. This will increase your chance of winning if many people don’t apply.

Scholarships for Nigerians & International Students

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List of Worldwide Scholarship Awards by Groups

Scholarship by Country (Origin) Country of Scholarship By Discipline Level (Under / Postgrad) Affinity 
Scholarships for Nigerian Students Scholarships in USA MBA Scholarships High School Black Scholarships
Scholarships for International Students Scholarships in the UK Engineering Bachelor’s LGBTQ+
United States Scholarships in Nigeria Medicine/Nursing Master’s Hispanic
Scholarships for Africans Scholarships in Australia Architecture Doctoral (Ph.D.) Single Mums
United Kingdom Scholarships in Germany Sciences Post Doctoral Asian Scholarships
Germany Scholarships in Canada Arts
Canada Scholarships in South Africa Management
Scholarships in Mexico
Scholarships in Denmark
Scholarships in the Netherlands
Scholarships in Norway
Scholarships in Sweden