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Check What It Takes To Be A UNIZIK Professor Emeritus

For those wondering what it takes for someone to be regarded a Professor Emeritus, we have laid our hands on the requirements pertaining to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Note that these requirements are specific to UNIZIK but it could bear semblance to that of most other Universities.



The definition of Emeritus /Emerita Professor is an honorary title that may be given to a full professor who retires in good standing. IT is typically awarded to distinguished professors who demonstrated distinction in teaching, research and/or service during their period of active employment at the university. In this context, retirement will be taken to mean the conclusion of Professor’s contract of employment with the university. Therefore, it is not appropriate to confer an Emeritus title on someone who continues to hold a paid standard contract of employment or who is engaged as a visiting Professor with Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.


(i) Retired from active work at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka,

(ii) Contributed to the life of Nnamdi Azikiwe University or the wider community with distinction,

(iii) Not been indicted of any misconduct in the course of their career in the university

(iv) Retired from the service of the university at the age not earlier than 70 years or retired at

an age below 70 but must have been a Professor of Nnamdi Azikiwe University for more than 20 years.

(v) Served as a professor for a period of at least 20 years, 10 of which must have been at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

(vi) Presented Inaugural /Valedictory Lecture prior to retirement.

(vii) Rendered distinguished academic service to the university as attested through:

  • Proven extensive research both before and during their period of professorship and currency of publications. At least 20% of the publications should have been in journals with high impact factors. At least five of the journal articles published five years prior to his/her retirement.
  • Effective teaching, evaluated over the years
  • Manifest interest in postgraduate work hence must have successfully supervised ten (10)

Ph.D. students or their equivalent to qualify for the total score.

(viii) Played a demonstrable administrative leadership role while in service of the university.

(ix) Made an outstanding contribution in their field, discipline and the university.

(x) Proven integrity

(xi) Been recipient of fellowships, attracted research grants to the university including international and local ones; fellowship awards and fellowship grants.

(xii) A minimum of an overall score of 70%, where there are many of them they should be ranked based on their pioneering roles.

(xiii) Served the university for 20 years and above

(xiv) Successfully served out as Vice-Chancellor of Nnamdi Azikiwe University and retired and

(xv)   Served the university as Vice-Chancellor and retired at 70 years. This requirement is subject to paragraph (iv) of the document.


There shall be a Senate Evaluation Committee for the appointment of Emeritus/ Emeriti Professors comprising of five members. The Committee shall be responsible for conducting the final evaluation of applications coming from the Faculties and advising the Vice-Chancellor accordingly.


4.1 Candidates for Nomination to Emeritus Professor status shall be made by the Departmental and Faculty Boards. The letter of nomination should include a substantive narrative addressing how the nominee qualifies for Emeritus status.

4.2 The nomination letter should refer to the specific evidence of the nominee’s qualification including evidence such as publications, awards and acknowledgment of outstanding service to the university as detailed in his/her Curriculum Vitae.

4.3 The application shall be discussed at the Departmental Board level where it must receive a majority vote of approval by all departmental Board members.

4.4 The Head of Department shall forward the application for discussion and approval by the Faculty Board.

4.5  Successful applications at the Faculty Board level shall then be submitted to Senate Evaluation Committee for the appointment of Emeritus Professors who will provide a final review of all the merits of the Emeritus professors’ applications including the use of assessment guidelines for evaluation thereafter presented to the Vice-Chancellor.

4.6 Total number of Emeritus Professors should not exceed 10% of serving Professors at any given time. Not more than ten (10) should be approved at any one meeting of the Selection Committee.

4.7 The Vice-Chancellor shall present this recommendation to the Senate for approval and subsequently to the Governing Council for final approval.

4.8 Successful applicants shall be announced and invested at the next convocation ceremony of Nnamdi Azikiwe University in the March of the succeeding year.

4.9 Professor Emeritus shall be listed on the Convocation Brochure and shall be presented to the university community at a convocation ceremony.

4.10 Since the process is bound to take over six months, nominations/applications must reach the Senate Committee on Emeritus Professors’ appointment latest by June of each application year.


The appointment shall be for life except where the person is no longer able or willing to continue to perform the duties associated with his office. However, in exceptional circumstances, the appointment can be terminated by the university. Examples of such circumstance include behavior which would, in an employment relationship, lead to disciplinary action being taken against the Emeritus, or action which may be contrary to the university’s values and/or interests.

The above is extracted from the Procedure for Appointment of Emeritus Professors of Nnamdi Azikiwe University as approved by the University Senate. Kindly pay attention to this guideline before applying to be considered for appointment as Emeritus Professor of the University.

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