Even Penny Pinchers Can Pay for College

Everyone knows that college is expensive. However, many people mistakenly tell themselves that there is simply no way they can afford it and reduce themselves to menial and dead-end jobs.

By perusing these tips, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to pay for college. Some may require early planning, some may be ways that simply do not work for you, but there will be at least a few that you can use to fund your education.

Plan in Advance

If your family are able to and you already know that you are going to be attending college, they may want to consider investing in a 529 plan, which is an educational savings plan that can give a tax advantage when it comes time to withdraw funds. There are many ways to get the most from this type of plan so consult with a financial advisor before engaging with any investment product.

Even Penny Pinchers Can Pay for College


If you excel in your grades or are a star athlete, it may be quite easy for you to receive a scholarship, which is essentially free money to go to school. However, even if you are not one of those types of students in high school, there may be other types of scholarships available to you. There are many organizations that give them out to students who follow certain career paths.

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Student Loans

There a couple of different types of loans available to you. The type that is most often pushed by financial aid offices is government-backed loans. While these can sometimes cover a good portion of the tuition costs, you may want to look into private student loans to invest in higher education and cover the remaining difference. The repayment terms are often much more generous than public loans and you can often refinance to acquire better interest rates for yourself.

Enrolling Concurrently

This method isn’t paying for college directly, but it is a way to clear classes out of the way so that you do not have to actually pay for them. In many high schools, there are classes taught at a college-level that the university is willing to accept and add to the student’s credit load. This way they do not have to take the class in college. While this is only for freshman classes, it is definitely a great way to ease your potential debt load.

Testing Out

Another roundabout way to get rid of college tuition, or at least a portion thereof, is to test out of some of your classes. For instance, it is pointless to take basic English or Math courses if you are already at an advanced level. By taking an exam administered by the college before a class schedule is solidified, you can get credit for basic-level classes without having to actually take them.

Cut Expenses

There are many secondary expenses that you can easily reduce to lessen your financial burden. Instead of living on campus, try living in an off-campus apartment or even at your parent’s home. Instead of buying new textbooks, look for used versions instead, or even e-book rentals if they are available to you.

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