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FUTA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers (Biology 2007)

Are you writing 2013 FUTA Post UTME? Here is the 2007 FUTA Post UTME Past Question and Answers as published on MSG. The answers are also explained in details. Is Biology part of your subject combination? We shall also be serving you other subjects’ Past Post-UTME pat questions and answers.

FUTA Post UTME Past Questions

Here we have FUTA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for 2007

1. The reabsorption of water from ingested food occurs in one of the following

(a) small intestine (b) large intestine (c) stomach (d) duodenum.

2. The important of green plants in the environment is that they (a) supply food (b) provide shelter (c) purify the air (d) beautify the landscape.

3. What is the shape of the human red blood cell? (a) biconcave (b) convex(c) flat (d) irregular.

4. Excretion of metabolic wasters in Amoeba sp is by (a) ultrafiltration (b) diffusion (c) deamination (d) phagocytosis.

5. An important component of cells walls of plant is (a) chitin (b) cellulose (c) lignin (d) resin .

6. A monosaccharide (a) sucrose (b) glucose (c) DNA (d) cellulose.

7. Plants that shed their leaves at the one of the growing season are (a) deciduous (b) dicots (c) monocot (d) monoecious.

8. Animals without backbones an refereed to as (a)inanimate (b) invertebrate (c) acoelolate (d) acellular.

9. Animals that eat both meat and plant materials in their diets are: (a) carnivores (b) omnivores (c) gramnivores (d) poikilothermic.

10. Teeth used for biting are called: (a) premolars (b) molars (c) canines (d) incisors.

Answers To FUTA Post UTME Past Questions (2007)

1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. B

6. B 7. A 8. B 9. B 10. D.

Explanations to Answers:

1. In the large intestine, undigested food passes into the colon & water is

absorbed (B)

2. Plants take in carbon (IV) oxide & give out oxygen by doing this plant

purify the air by removing excess CO2 from the environment (C).

3. Human red blood cell is concave in shape (A)

4. This is by simple diffusion (B)

5. Plant cell has cellulose cell wall (B)

6. A monosaccharide is a simple sugar & the only simple sugar here is glucose (B)

7. Deciduous plants shed their leaves at the end of every planting season (A)

8. These are invertebrate (B)

9. Ominivores animals (B)

10.The incisors are chisel-shaped. They are used for biting off pieces of food while premolar & molar have broad surfaces for grinding food (D)

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