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Mass Protests Declared By NAPS President Over Strike To Start in Abuja

The protest declared by the President of the National Association of Polytechnic Students over the rancour between the Federal Govt. and ASUP which has led to striking action by ASUP and hence, no activities in Polytechnics. The mass protest is planned to start on Tuesday May 21th in FCT Abuja and this is in reaction to the decision made after a meeting by ASUP where it was unanimously upheld that the strike must continue.

Here is the full text of the speech by NAPS President:

The injustice that the entire Polytechnic Students of this country keep receiving from the federal government and all concerned authorities over the ASUP strike has reached its climax that the aluta forces of this formidable association must be unleashed to fight for our denied fundamental right.

Its enough for us to tolerate people that have no passion for our future, we must react! Sequel to our non- compromising ultimatum given to the Federal Government as a firm and non-ground- shifting demand for swift action and progressive resolution with ASUP as a matter of necessity to save the lives of polytechnic students of this nation, it is extremely unpalatable as the storm refuses to be over, rather, students’ lives keep dwelling in impoverishment and our government cares not! Should we continue to keep silent in the face of tyranny? Building on the current and genuine information reaching us from a confirmed authority, it is unfortunately regrettably that the federal government has concluded that Nigerian Students should fight for the survival of their destiny by themselves.

The Authority of the entire polytechnic students (NAPS) across the country here by call on the solidarity spirits of all its members and patriotic students in generality to start, immediately, mobilizing in masses and classes for the coming rally staging on Tuesday 21st, May 2013 in the FCT, Abuja. No retreat! No surrender! Greatest Polytechnic students, victory comes alone by struggle, and the force of the freedom fighters is the actual voice of humanitarian.

Justice must not only be attained but must at all time be sustained and preserved! Thus, we in solidarity spirit call on all SUG Presidents and”egalitarian comrades “to follow all linking roads to Abuja, come next week tuesday. The struggle to emancipate our future from the satanic hands is agospel that must be collectively achieved. FREEDOM cometh by STRUGGLE… Nothing shall discourage us. Aluta Continual. Victorial Ascerta.

Signed. Fawale Oluwole Jacob.
National President, NAPS

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