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Notice To All NDA Postgraduate Students [No Lectures]

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) students will not have lectures Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd April, 2016. Lectures scheduled for those days will not hold according to a statement by the management of the Academy. The information can be found on the official website of NDA.

Notification of Cancellation of NDA Postgraduate Lectures

Below is the message released to inform all postgraduate students of NDA about the cancellation of lectures for the two dates mentioned.

Notice to Postgraduate Students !!!

This is to notify all postgraduate students of Nigerian Defence Academy that lectures will not hold on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd April, 2016.

The Nigerian Defence Academy, the Academy’s Council approved the establishment of the Postgraduate School in 2004. The pioneering courses included but not limited to Masters and PhD in Military History, Defence and Strategic Studies, Marine Biology, Material Sceince and Explosives, Nuclear and Radiation Physics.

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