Scholarships for Nigerian Students | Undergrad & Postgraduate

Here are scholarships for Nigerian students in different categories. On this page, we have categories such as, (1) scholarships for Nigerian students studying in Nigeria, (2) those for Nigerians to study abroad at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The postgraduate scholarships will covers Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Master’s, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and Post Doctoral degrees. We will simplify everything in tables for easy reading.

Scholarships for Nigerian Students (Undergraduate & Postgraduate) — 2022/2023

Here is a collection of links that gives information on the categories of scholarships that we mentioned above. Some of these awards are for a wide range of countries that also include Nigeria.

In other words, of you are not from Nigeria, it is possible to be eligible for some of these scholarships. Therefore, endeavor to comb through the list to check the eligibility criteria for each one.

S/N Scholarship Awards
1 O’Level Scholarships in Nigeria
2 Undergraduate Scholarships for Nigerians to study in Nigeria
3 Undergraduate Scholarships to study Abroad
4 Postgraduate Scholarships for Nigerians in Nigeria
5 Postgraduate Scholarships to Study Abroad

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