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Top Reasons You Should Join NGScholars Community Today

NGScholars Community is an online forum and connecting area for Nigerian Students, Youth Corps members (NYSC) and Graduate job seekers. The students community forum was started with a view to connecting students from all secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria (undergraduate and postgraduate).

With this platform, they can inform and get informed, share ideas and help solve problems with like minds. NGScholars.com has a blog section for sharing information but one would agree that, we cannot get all the information available. With NGScholars students’ community, however, users can start a thread by themselves and share useful information as they get it. This will definitely help the number and speed at which information is passed across.

Why Should You Join NGScholars Students’ community?

  • Students can connect to other students from their institution/other institutions
  • You can ask any question within the scope of the forum topics and get solutions from many people
  • You can help answer other users’ questions, thereby helping a lot of people
  • The forum run contests with great prizes to be won, you can enter for the competitions
  • You can make this place a great community of students by inviting your friends from Facebook and email contacts
  • Now we are introducing a money-making ideas forum for students to help them earn money to either support their education and be self-sustaining or accrue savings for future endeavours.

Ultimately, NGScholars Nigerian Students Community will help People (students, corps members and graduates) connect and share information relating to Admission into schools in Nigeria and Abroad, Scholarships (undergraduate & Postgraduate), NYSC information and latest graduate jobs.

The forum community can be found at http://www.ngscholars.net/forum/.

How can I Register on NGScholars Community?

you can register easily at http://www.ngscholars.net/register/. It only take about 30 seconds to register but you can even still save yourself this 30 seconds by logging in with your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Just click on any of the buttons on the registration page.

You can link up with NGScholars Community on our Social Community Pages:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ngscholars1
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ngscholars

Ahmed Ogundimu

Ahmed Ogundimu is a Web Designer and Developer, Digital Marketing Expert and SEO Manager. I enjoy finding solutions to problems and sharing same, hence the reason for creating www.ngscholars.com and some other websites I own. I work as a web developer at Sigmanox NG and also as the web administrator/editor at NGScholars. Follow me on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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