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How To Write A Persuasive Career Objective

Every organization have an expectation from their potential employees. Such expectations are checked from the first point of contact the organization have with the applicant or potential employee and it determines whether or not you will be called.

This article looks at an important aspect of a Resume which is usually overlook by both job seeker as they bombard it with “copied” grammars that are either too big for the occasion or less important to the potential employer. Use the points in this article to better you opportunities at jobs while hunting.

 write persuasive career objective

See How To Properly Sell Yourself To Potential Employers

The major reason for a resume is to sell out yourself in written form to a potential employer detailing why you qualify for a job position. It is expected that as a job seeker, you should understand and give an answer to the predefined questions in a resume. One of such question is your career objective.

Every established organisation has a goal and objectives and much likely to influence the objectives of a job seeker towards a job position. It is a pity that many job seekers copy and paste career objective without thinking of how much impact it has on the whole resume. For a fact, career objective is one of those section of a resume where recruiters may look at first glance. To understand career objective, it is good we define each word separately.

What is career objective?

Career: A job or occupation that is regarded as a long-term or lifelong activity
Objective: Goals or purpose intended to be obtained.

According to Resumegenius, it is a smart way to capture the attention of the hiring managers, if written correctly. This definition is right. Little wonder why Fatherprada, in his article how fresh graduate can get a job claims that career objective is simply your first selling point.

To write an attractive resume, you must have little knowledge of the organisation. You must know their dealings. That is if they are into products or services, their goals and objectives and if possible why they are recruiting at that point in time. With this at your fingertip, you will be able to write a compelling career objective because you do not just sell yourself, you are also telling them you know something other job seekers don’t about the organisation; you have done your homework well. No recruiter would want to employ a complete novice into workforce except if the job position is anchored on a graduate trainee programme.

One of those things that distinguish a resume is career objective and from it, a recruiter would know if you’re good for the next level of resume review or end up in the trash bin. If you are sending your resume to different organisations, you must have different career objective on each of them. There are some career objectives that are general but it will be better if you have different career objective for each. Your career objective should link with other information on your resume.

  • It must be brief (avoid long stories).
  • Avoid the use of jargons (unnecessary terminology) in your career objective.
  • Your career objective should have a two-way direction – You and the organisation.
  • Don’t brag about your achievement or what you would do.
  • Avoid typo.
  • Use active sentence

In short, career objective from a recruiter’s point of view simply means – why do you want to work for us. If a Bank Manager from GTBANK and a Human Resources Officer from MTN ask you such questions your answer would be different. So if you’re writing a career objective, it must be related to the job you’re applying for. A career objective for a full-time job differs from a part-time.

Lastly, I will not fail to mention Soft Keywords. They are words recruiters – depending on the organisation, wish to see on a resume. Soft keyword describes how your personality will influence productivity while Strong Keywords are usually associated with the required qualifications for a job position

Examples of soft keywords

  • Innovative ideas
  • Team spirit
  • Success
  • Profit
  • Diligent
  • Determination
  • Time management

Career Objective Sample

Take a cue from this example to tailor your career objective to what your potential employer needs

  • Media firm: To work full time with ABC Media House where creative ideas are encouraged and rewarded, while uniting with existing teams to ensure project success and profit maximisation.

Best wishes as you apply for your dream job, NGScholars!!!

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