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15 Free Essay Writing Prompts for Students

College might sometimes feel like dying: you’ve got to be in many places at the same time, carry out thousands of tasks, leaving apart submitting all of them in time plus attending seminars. Looks like in order to survive in college or university you need a time machine!

Still, people living out of the wizard (or crazy science) world do not have such a machine at their disposal. Consequently, we should do something about it making our own efforts. 

One of the most complicated tasks in college is writing essays. A good, persuasive, illustrative essay takes a lot of work and a decent level of general erudition. Mastering those enumerated things never comes in a wink but should be worked at during years and years of diligent studies. In this article, we will provide several prompts on how to write better college essays, IELTS writing tasks and succeed in writing tasks in general.

Free Essay Writing Prompts

The Most Effective Essay Writing Tips From Experienced Leading Writers 

Universities may either require essays on some definite topics, chosen by the faculty or give students freedom in picking whatever sphere they want to dwell on and any topic they desire to pose. If the second option is possible, many students are excited about writing as they get the chance to raise really significant issues instead of decoding the riddles imposed by the college.

Here are the 15 essay writing prompts that are adjustable to any kind of written essay and can be followed all the way towards your final degree.

1. Set a question the reader wants to be answered.

Unlike the old (soviet) types of essays, which were ‘dry’ and completely lacking the dialogue effect, contemporary writing should spark interest from the very first couple of words. The topic itself should be corresponding to the reality and everyday life of mortal people rather than become the ‘high’ genre of describing existential authors’ biographies. Just overacting. 

2. Don’t be a shrinking violet. If you need help – go ask for it!

The ‘green’ students are more likely to fall into this category. We are here to say that there is a way out. You might ask for the quality online help from a reliable service with certified writers by simply writing the texts like ‘Write my essays, please’. Even more than good grades – the benefits you get from it are numerous, – getting a model text to follow later, having the team to turn to in times of being busy, learning to structure your own texts this way, and many more.

3. Follow the ‘KISS’ rule.

‘Keep It Short and Simple’ – that’s what is often missing in many good works. Besides being informative, providing good examples and giving the statistic info, your text should also be as laconic and simple as possible.

4. Make the future your focus.

As mentioned in the 1st prompt, the essay should address to the audience. To create the interest, you must write with a perspective on tomorrow, not just reflecting on yesterday. The future is something most people are thinking of!

5. Use the unexpected for your benefit.

Come on, it is the 21st century out there, and people are sick and tired of the repetitive plots. With an out-of-the-blue twist, non-standard solutions, and thinking out of the box, you could attract the readers’ attention (and that’s what your essay is for). 

6. Try to avoid tautology.

Unmotivated repetition makes essays quite, hmm, dull. Phrases for writing essays are often great, and universities are right when giving them to the inexperienced freshmen or sophomores. However, overuse of them is too bad.

7. Give up the habit of summarizing.

Summarizing might be brilliant in learning languages in class, but in the written form it often takes the look away from the more important things. Abstain from excessive summarizing – better locate the points you want to be noticed in the beginnings of paragraphs or in closing phrases, to kill it as a wrap up.

8. Start early and work at several drafts.

To craft a remarkable essay, you must keep it in your head. Plan it. Set it aside sometimes and get down to it again in a few days. Several drafts make a great chance for you to reconsider some ideas, look at the text from the fresh perspective, and give it the last polish before submitting it.

9. Make examples your advantage.

An example is an example even in Africa, – it exists for making things more understandable, drawing parallels with life, and showing your genius ideas metaphorically.

 10. Get honest feedback.

Encourage your family members or closest friends to look through your text and say if it makes any sense. These people might say things that hurt you, but at least you will know they are telling the truth. Remember – your essay should sound like you!

11. Give way to creativity.

If it’s not about sciences, the essay has the right to bring something, well, crazy to the minds of readers. Why not use your creative potential to surprise everyone?

12. Read widely.

Let’s remember, it’s college so all of your essays should have ground under them. For ground, we mean reliable literature sources, successful investigations, etc.

13. Think critically.

While it’s tightly connected with the previous point, this one makes you think hard. Reading is not everything. You are the one who decides which data is worthwhile taking and which is insufficient.

14. Find a study mate.

Words are extra to describe what it means to get support from other people. We guess, that an adequate groupmate will do for such an activity as writing.

15. Don’t cross the borders of academic style.

You might take unacademic data but still using academic words is a must (unless it’s a non-academic essay). Written clearly, with concise and proper language, your essay will nail it!

So follow those tips and let us know if it worked for you and how you managed to write a brilliant academic essay. 

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