Akpos Joke: Akpos At A Job Interview

Another funny Akpos Joke – Akpos and johnny were shortlisted and invited for  an interview. The interview was  for job employment. Johnny was the first to enter the interviewing office.. (the manager asking johnny questions).

Manager: who was the first military head of state in Nigeria???.. Johnny: General Aguyi Ironsi..

Manager: when was the North and southern protectorate in Nigeria Amalgamated???. .

Johnny: 1914.

Manager: That is good of you..

Question no 3, is it t rue that the cure for HIV/ aids is discovered???..

Johnny: eehm.. yes but not scientifically proven…

Manager: good way of answering questions,

please can you wait for us outside and we will attend to you later…

(when johnny got outside akpos asked him)..

Akpos : Johnny, what are the questions and please tell me the answers??..

(as johnny was about to tell akpos the questions and answer, the manager shouted from inside `NEXT’..

Akpos then said to Johnny).. Akpos. Ok tell me only the answers..

Johnny: answer to number 1 is: General Aguyi Ironsi, number 2 is=1914, number 3 is=yes but not scientifically proven. (mu-mu Akpos got to d interview, after exchanging greetings, the manager told him to sit down)

Manager: What is your name?

Akpos : General Aguyi Ironsi (manager became confused)

Manager: Please what year where you born?

Akpos: 1914

Manager: (angrily, he shouted at Akpos)!! are u mad?!!!

Akpos: Yes, but not scientifically proven.

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