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My Oga At The Top Video, Lessons To Learn!!!

As hilarious as the “My Oga At The Top” Video is, I think there are some lessons that we should learn from it, instead of just laughing about it.

When I first watched the Video, I laughed uncontrollably because I felt why should it be “my Oga at the top” who must know important things about my own place of work. It was so funny the way he kept saying my oga at the top. These are people who make decisions for you and I.

One thing we should learn is that, no knowledge is wasted. The man might have though knowing things about internet is not important to him and might never be useful to him but he was wrong. I think the major reason why it’s so funny is that he couldn’t even get the normal structure of a website URL. He said ww.nscdc yes, *clears throats*, that’s all. The normal structure is a prefix of www then a dot, the domain name like nscdc, another dot to separate the domain name and the Top Level Domain (TLD).
Examples are .com, .gov.ng, .org.ng

This is a wake up call for our government, they need to be serious about ICT in this country. It is what drives most countries of the world now. It’s helping china threaten the United States in some way. We implore the president, Minister of Education and many “my oga at the top” to look into this.

Lastly, personally I would have preferred if the man admitted he didn’t know the website and probably say he would get it before the end of the show. He could have said something like that and also said he wouldn’t like to mislead people. As shameful as this is, I feel it would have saved him the embarrassment he is getting now, most especially from the social media. When you are going for any form of interview/test/debate, prepare adequately.

If you haven’t seen the video of my oga at the top, download using the following link:

Dowload NSCDC Officia Interview With Channels – My Oga At the Top! — 3MB

Download the video, first enjoy, then learn your lessons!

Stanley Ozuzu

Stanoz is a techpreneur, content writer, creator and web designer. CEO of Stanoz Designs, a Creative Digital Agency registered in Nigeria.

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