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CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Exam: All you need to know!

The CompTIA Security+ credential is the standard certification for information technology security. The certification exposes candidates to general security concepts, basics of cryptography, communications security, operational and organizational security and their applications to real world scenarios.

Over the years, the CompTIA Security+ credential has become areal best choice for professionals trying to gain insight and explore a career in the world of cyber security. The credential provides the basic knowledge needed for securing networks and managing threats.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Exam
CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Exam

It is important to mention that the certification has been approved by the United States Department of Defence to meet the requirements and standards of certification in information assurance technical and management field.

There is no doubting the fact that the credential is in very high demand as it sets the holders apart from the rest of the crowd. Earning the certification will act as a springboard to your next career level and will validate your skills and knowledge in cyber security fundamental.

Overview of CompTIA Security+ Certification

Completing the CompTIA Security+ exam validates that you have the knowledge and skills needed to configure and install systems that secure applications, mobile devices, and networks.

It also validates your ability to execute and take action on threat analysis, take an active part in risk mitigation actions, and function with the understanding of all applicable regulations, laws, and policies. To earn the certification, you will be required to write the SY0-401 or the updated version of the exam; SY0-501.

It is important to point out that the revised exam; SY0-501 covers more in-depth details about the course contents with new additional four objectives.

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The certification exam contains a total of 90 performance based and multiple choice questions. The time allotted to the completion of the exam is 90 minutes and in order to pass the exam and earn your certification, you are required to score a minimum of 750 out of the total 900 score.

The cost for the exam is $330, exclusive of the possible training courses you might want to attend before writing the exam. The CompTIA Security+ is valid for a period of three years after which you will have to recertify or proceed to a more advanced CompTIA certification.

To learn more about the recertification process of the CompTIA Security+ credential, visit the official CompTIA webpage for more information.

Target Candidates for CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is aimed at professionals within the field of information technology. Specific candidates that should consider earning this certification include security consultants, security engineers, security analysts, and network administrators. Professionals who are also interested in starting a career in cyber security may also consider the credential.

Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification

When pursuing a certification, one of the questions to ask is; what benefits will this certification bring to my career? For the CompTIA Security+, the benefits are numerous. The world of cyber security professionals is expanding by the day. Organizations are open to threats on a daily basis and professionals who have the skills and knowledge on how to mitigate these threats are in high demand.

With the CompTIA Security+ certification, you have proven to your employer or potential employers that you have developed and know in details the latest concepts and skills of cyber security. The certification also validates that your knowledge and skills is very relevant and adequate to protect data and prevent any security breaches.

In addition to this, the credential has the potential to increase your salary potentials in the field of cyber security. According to reports from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, security specialists, security administrators, and other security management professionals earn about $86,000 or more per annum.

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Job Potentials for CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals

Thanks to the increasing growth of security threats in all industries, almost every organization requires cyber security professionals. Earning the certification therefore gives you opportunity to explore various cyber security positions.

As a CompTIA Security+ certified professional, you can take up job roles as network administrator, security administrator, system administrator, security analysts, and security consultant, among others. In addition to this, you can also take up any entry level information technology cyber security position like penetration tester, and junior IT auditor.

Professionals with this certification can also compete favourably for jobs within the field of military, military contracting jobs, and government. These job roles require that IT professionals possess certifications that are compliant with the Department of Defence directives. You can be rest assured that the CompTIA Security+ credential fully meets these directives.

How to Prepare for Security+ SY0-501 Exam?

The certification exam contains questions that are performance based which are more in-depth than the regular multiple choice questions. These questions require that you have the skills and knowledge to troubleshoot accurately and fast. The application of your hands-on experience and knowledge will be tested during SY0-501 exam.

This is to evaluate that you possess more than the theoretical understanding of the course contents and you can perform in real world scenarios. You need to be prepared to spend at least one-third of your time answering questions under the performance based section. To be fully prepared to answer these questions, it is required that you go through a training course. The training course curriculum for the CompTIA Security+ exam covers various aspects of network security such as encryption, cloud security, system security, network infrastructure, and security protocols.

There are many online platforms that offer the training course for free. If you are looking to learn more about basics of cryptography, general security concepts, organizational and operational security, and communications security in preparation for SY0-501 exam, you should consider taking a training course in Security+.

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