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FEDPOLEL Academic Calendar For 2019/2020

This is to inform all the staff and students of the Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji (FEDPOLEL), Ondo State, that the management of the institution has released the approved academic calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Federal Poly Ile-Oluji Academic Calendar


Mon. 3rd February, 2020 Resumption of fresh students/Registration
Wed 5th Fri. 7th Feb. 20203 DaysOrientation for Fresh Students
Mon. 21st Feb. 20202 WeeksEnd of Normal Registration, commencement of lectures and commencement of late registration W5,000 – Penalty
Mon. 24th Feb. 2020 Resumption of Returning Students
Fri. 6th Mar. 20202 WeeksEnd of late registration Fine: W5,000
Fri. 6th March, 20201 DayMatriculation of students
Tues. 14th – Fri. April, 20201 WeekMid Semester Test
Fri. 8th May, 202012 WeeksEnd of First Semester Lectures
Mon. 11th May – 15th May 20201 WeekRevision Week
Mon. 18th May – 29th May 20202 Weeks1st Semester Exams
TOTAL17 Weeks 
Fri. 29th May – Sat. 13th June, 20202 WeeksFirst Semester Break
Mon. 15th June, 2020 Second Semester Begins
Mon. 15th June – Fri. 26th June, 20201 WeekRegistration for Second Semester
Mon. 22nd June, 2020 Commencement of 2nd Semester Lectures
Mon. 10th Aug. – Fri. 14th Aug. 20201 WeekStudents’ Week (Lectures Free)
Mon. 17th Aug. – Fri. 21st Aug. 20201 WeekMid-Semester Test
Fri. 25th Sept. 2020 End of 2nd Semester Lectures
Mon. 28th Sept. – Fri. 2nd Oct. 20201 WeekRevision Week
Mon. 5th Oct. – Fri. 16th Oct. 20202 Weeks2nd Semester Exams
Wed. 21st Oct. 2020 End of Project Activities
Fri. 23rd Oct. 2020 End of Session
Mon. 19th Oct. 2020 SIWES begins
TOTAL18 Weeks 


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Mon. 24th Feb. 2020 Resumption of Fresh & Returning Students/Registration
Wed 26th Feb. – Fri. 28th Feb., 20203 DaysOrientation of Students
Fri. 7th Mar., 2020 Students Registration ends Late Registration Fine: (N5,000)
Mon. 9th Mar., 2020 Commencement of 1st Semester Lectures
Fri. 10th April, 2020.1 DayMatriculation of Students
Wed. 15th-17th April, 20203 DaysMid – Semester Test
Fri. 15th May, 2020 End of First Semester Lectures
Mon. 18th – Fri. 22nd May, 20201 WeekRevision Week
Mon. 25th – Fri. 3rd June, 2020.2 WeekFirst Semester Exams
TOTAL14 Weeks 
Mon. 6th June – 13th June, 20201 Weeks1st Semester Break
Mon. 15th June, 2020 Resumption of Students/Registration
Mon. 22nd June, 2020 Commencement of 2nd Semester Lectures
Fri. 26th June, 20202 WeeksStudents Registration ends
  Late Registration Fine: (N5,000)
Mon. 29th June – 3rd July, 20201 WeekStudents’ Week (Lectures fee)
Mon. 6th July – 10th July, 20201 WeekMid Semester Test
Aug. 10th – Aug. 14th, 2020 Student Week
Fri. 28th Aug. 2020 End of Second Semester Lectures
Mon. 31st Aug. – 4th Sept., 20201 WeekRevision Week
Mon. 7th – Fri. 11th Sept., 20201 Week2nd Second Semester Exams
Mon. 14th Aug. – Fri. 18th Sept. 2nd Semester Break
TOTAL14 Weeks 
21st Sept., 2020 Resumption of Students/Registration begins
28th Sept., 2020 Commencement of 3rd Semester Lectures
Fri. 2nd Oct., 20202 WeeksStudents Registration Ends Late Registration Fine: (N5,000)
5th Oct. -9th Oct., 20201 WeekMid-Semester Test
27th Nov., 2020 End of Second Semester Lecture
Mon. 30th Nov. – 4th Dec., 20201 WeekRevision Week
Mon. 7th Dec. – 18th Dec., 20202 Weeks3rd Semester Examination
21st Dec. – 4th Jan. 20212 Weeks3rd Semester Break
TOTAL14 Weeks

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