How To Reschedule Or Cancel IELTS Test Date

You can reschedule or cancel your IELTS test date. If you schedule an IELTS exam in Nigeria but for some reasons you can no longer take the test on that date, you can cancel the test. However, if you do not want to cancel the test, you can postpone to another date.

In this article, we will show you can change IELTS date or reschedule it. I have spoken to some people who think this is not possible. In addition, they think you have lost your money once you cannot make it to the examination venue.

Steps to take in order to Reschedule or Cancel IELTS Test Date

Plans change, therefore, any reasonable human being or organization should always take this into consideration. IELTS testing bodies in Nigeria – Mod IDP and British Council know these. Hence, they make it possible to schedule to another date or cancel your test altogether.

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In light of this, the following is the procedure to follow in order have MOD IPD or British Council cancel or postpone your IELTS test date.

In the event that you want to change your exam date, view all the IELTS exam dates available in 2020.

Cancelling IELTS Test Date with MOD IDP in Nigeria

If you want to request for cancellation or postponement of your IELTS test, you must do so 5 weeks before the test date. You can make this request via email or in person only. MOD IDP does not accept telephone cancellation or postponement. You can also cancel within 5 weeks of the test but there are special conditions you have to meet.

When you cancel five weeks as advised, you will receive a full refund (less a 25% administrative fee). In essence, if you pay N80,000 for the exam, you will only get a refund of N60,000.

On the other hand, if you wish to cancel or reschedule your test date within 5 weeks of the exam, you must meet a criterion:

You can only cancel or transfer within 5 weeks of the test date due to serious illness/injuries (minor illness and colds/flu not included). Also, you can request cancellation as a result of loss of immediate family member. In this case, you contact MOD IPD not later than 5 days before the test.

Note that you will be required to provide proof of any of your claims.

You must complete a “Request for Refund” or “Test Day Transfer Form” and attach appropriate documentation and/or evidence. These include a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death notice or certificate or a police report.

The contact email for refund is [email protected].

IELTS Test Date Cancellation with British Council in Nigeria

The same conditions for asking for change of test date and refund applies for British Council. Just like MOD IPD, you must make the request 5 weeks before your test date.

In addition, British Council makes it clear that refunds can take four to six weeks to process. So, you have to be patient while waiting for your refund.

To cancel your test date, download and complete their Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form and send it via post to at any of the British Council offices or email [email protected].

DOWNLOAD: Request for refund and test day transfer || Refund request form.

If you have any other questions, please ask in the comment section.

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